How to Navigate Law School

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Whether you are a 1L wondering when to start looking for a summer job, a 2L concerned about the substantial writing requirement, a 3L worried you'll sign up too late for the bar, or an LLM trying to make the most of your year here, these roadmaps to success can help you get where you're going.


1L Year

Traditional required courses are complemented by our specially-designed Legislation and the Regulatory State course, which gives an in-depth understanding of government processes, and our renowned Lawyering Program, where you'll learn the practical skills that every lawyer needs. You'll also have the chance to take the first steps of your career path early by taking an elective.

2L Year 

Strong writing skills, essential for any successful lawyer, are emphasized in the second year. You can hone your writing through directed research with a professor, or as part of seminar, completing the analytic paper required to graduate. You can use your paper as the basis for a “note” submitted to one of NYU Law’s student journals and as a writing sample when applying for jobs and clerkships. The second year, you'll start to focus on advanced courses and can take simulation courses and clinics.

3L Year 

The third year is a great time to take a colloquium or clinic. NYU Law's colloquia are meta-seminars in which faculty and students engage in the most rigorous intellectual experience in legal education, reading and discussing papers and works-in-progress by top scholars. You can also get invaluable hands-on training by taking a clinic. NYU Law offers more than 40 clinics, which cover everything from capital punishment to environmental law to international organizations to law and technology.


You'll find a curriculum that offers transactional classes as well as clinical opportunities and simulation courses. In the Graduate Lawyering Program, foreign-trained students learn skills to practice effectively in the US and global legal environments. Many classes satisfy eligibility requirements for the New York bar exam.