Student Writing

Publishing and Writing Competitions

Publishing at NYU

All NYU journals accept submissions of student work from non-members and do so through the Note Pool, a special consolidated service desigend to allow NYU students to submit work to multiple journals at once.

Publishing with Other Journals

  • Directory of Law Reviews and Legal Periodicals: This list includes contact information for law reviews as well as selected journals published by academic associations, trade publishers, and bar groups. Contact information is provided.
  • Washington and Lee University List of Most-Cited Legal Periodicals: This website includes individual journal submission links and addresses for journals that require submissions via mail. The list can be limited to student-edited journals or to peer-reviewed journals.
  • ExpressO: This website is a nationwide submissions site that allows authors to upload and submit their work to multiple journals from one location.

Writing Competitions

Legal and other organizations often offer cash or other prizes for student writing, in addition to an honor that can be listed on a student’s resume. For information on available writing competitions, please visit the ABA's website.