Resources for Trans and Nonbinary Community Members

At NYU Law and NYU broadly, there are resources to support transgender, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming students. The LGBTQ+ Center maintains a Trans@NYU webpage, which consolidates relevant policies, educational resources, and guides, including a list of all-gender restrooms on campus.

Healthcare and Mental Health Resources

NYU health insurance for all community members has provisions for gender-affirming healthcare, including hormone therapy, surgeries, and therapy.

  • The student health insurance, Wellfleet, has a dedicated staff member who works with trans and gender nonconforming individuals. You can request to speak with them when calling Wellfleet. 
  • The Student Health Center maintains a Gender and Sexuality Team, an interdisciplinary group of providers. 
  • Steinhardt’s Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic has a monthly Gender Affirming Voice and Communication support group.

Community Support

  • NYU Law’s OUTLaw student group hosts specific programming for trans, nonbinary, and gender non-confirming community members, including TGNC and QTPOC socials. OUTLaw also funds an annual Trans Rights & Representation Scholarship, granted to a 1L or 2L dedicated to furthering the rights and/or representation of trans people of color in the legal field. 
  • The LGBTQ+ Center at NYU hosts T Party, a biweekly group for trans, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming individuals. 

Name Changes and Pronouns

Refer to the LGBTQ+ Center’s Change of Information Policies and Procedures webpage for guidance on updating preferred/chosen name, legal name, and pronouns at NYU, as well as resources for changing name and gender marker on government-issued identification.

  • All students are able to indicate a preferred name that is different from their legal name and add their pronouns in Albert, which will be given to professors on class rosters. These changes can be made at any time.

  • Students who are paid employees of NYU should separately update their preferred name in PeopleSync, NYU’s employee data management system. Information in PeopleSync may migrate to Albert, so it is important to directly edit your profile in PeopleSync as well.

  • If a student has legally changed their name and needs to update it in NYU systems, begin by following the steps outlined by the University Office of the Registrar and completing the Change of Student Information Form

    • Please contact the Office of Diversity & Inclusion should you need assistance with this process, or help to ensure that your legal name is correctly updated across all NYU and NYU Law systems.

    • Typically, NYU IT does not change students’ NetIDs even after a legal name change due to the challenge of updating it across all systems and possible disruption to student or employee records. However, if a student feels they need their NetID changed, contact the Diversity and Inclusion team and we will assist with your case.

    • Additionally, the Identity Documents Project is an NYU Law student group that may be able to assist with navigating name changes and amending government-issued documents while in New York.

All-Gender Restrooms at the Law School

NYU Law has all-gender restrooms in each of its academic buildings. 

Furman Hall:

  • Multi-stall all-gender restrooms are available on the first and second floors.
  • A single-stall all-gender restroom is available on the sixth floor.

Vanderbilt Hall:

  • Multi-stall all-gender restrooms are available on the second floor.
  • Single-stall all-gender restrooms are available on the first floor outside of Greenberg Lounge, on the third floor, and in the basement of the library.

Wilf Hall:

  • In Wilf Hall, an all-gender restroom is located on the C level.