Career Services

First Year JD Career Curriculum

All currently enrolled students may link to their personal Career Services Manager (CSM) accounts for details and registration information for OCS events and recruiting programs.


1L students participate in an OCS orientation where they are introduced to the OCS Team. Students begin to interact one-on-one with the OCS counselors in October, and can begin to reach out to employers beginning December 1. In mid-October, 1L students attend the 1L Job Search Workshop.  Students gain access to their Career Resources Handbook which is housed in the CSM Document Library. These materials detail the OCS Career Development curriculum and action steps for embarking on the legal job search. In late-October, OCS hosts the Career Educational Fair and Panel which introduces first-year students to dozens of practice area specialties and provides a forum for interaction with attorneys from over 70 law firms, as well as alternative careers such as banking, consulting, and compliance.


The OCS conducts detailed résumé review and 1L job search group sessions and helps students begin to map out their career planning.  1Ls also attend Interview Skills Mini Clinics and many other programs including the 1L Diversity Career Fair.


Students continue to attend the 1L job search group sessions and interact with OCS counselors. Many students begin to prepare mailings to 1L employers as they consider their options for 1L summer employment.


Students take part in the orientation session for Spring On-Campus interviews and events. Students have the option to attend numerous law firm and corporate sponsored events, receptions, lunches and dinners throughout the spring. These are generally informal events, held at venues ranging from the firm’s offices to local restaurants that enable students to get acquainted with partners and associates at a wide variety of firms.


Students take part in the Speed Networking Lunch for 1Ls in February. This event provides a unique opportunity to become acquainted with attorneys from a large variety of New York Law firms in a very informal setting. On-campus interviews allow students to submit their interview preferences for a variety of public interest, government and law firm employers. Career Education programs are offered throughout the spring including such topics as “Careers In…”, "OUTLaw: Off The Record" and much more.


Students attend a mandatory Strike-A-Match orientation session for Early Interview Week (EIW), the largest on-campus interview program of the year. This comprehensive program provides detailed statistics, "inside" information and feedback on how to best prepare for this interviewing program. The NYU Global Networking Event features attorneys from law firms in major legal markets outside of New York, both national and international, who share information on their law firms, practice areas and the job search process. Students may also schedule a “mini-mock” interview with an OCS counselor in order to assess their skills and ensure that they are prepared for all upcoming interviews.


Students who wish to participate in EIW may have their bid list reviewed by a counselor prior to selecting from 300+ employers and entering into the lottery process. An OCS Counselor will provide tailored feedback to students on their firm selections and strategy for the program. Students have historically received an average of 22 interviews as a result of the EIW lottery. 


Students participate in Interview Workshops and the Practice Interview Evenings with partners and associates from dozens of law firms in preparation for EIW. OCS also offers the Attorney Interview Match practice interview program for one-on-one practice interviews with lawyers nationwide. Students engage in a "mock interview" followed by candid feedback and suggestions on their interview skills. EIW 2022 takes place July 27-29. Students who have completed their first year of law school participate in EIW, the largest on-campus interview program of the year. 300+ employers are on campus to interview students for summer or full time positions. The interviews are assigned on a lottery basis, employers may not pre-screen résumés. The majority of students secure their 2L summer positions through this program.


Students attend callback interviews resulting from the EIW program.  OCS Counselors provide individual advice and guidance as students evaluate their options.  Incoming students complete their mandatory Career Services Manager (CSM) online profile and gain access to their personalized account.