Student Organization Event Planning 101

Here's what you need to know to execute a successful event from start to finish.

*Please note: NYU's policies, and procedures on convening events and gatherings have been modified to mitigate COVID transmission risks.

Getting Started
What do you want to do? A successful event requires a well-conceived idea. Ask yourself:

  • Have I given myself enough time to plan and execute? Have I sought out potential collaborators? 
  • What type of event will it be? A large party; a lecture; an academic panel; a fundraiser; etc?
  • What kind of speaker(s) do I intend to invite? Who's my audience?
  • What are the anticipated costs? Do we have sufficient funding? Can I find someone to help pay for the event? 

Next Steps:

How to Book Event Space:

Your event coordinator must formally make your date and room request. Please visit Event Planning at NYU Law.

Who do I talk to?

You must contact the following people to help you secure a VIP speaker, invite a group of alumni, and/or solicit firm support. Communication with these people and departments is key to a successful event:

Landing a VIP Speaker(s):

If you require assistance in getting the speakers you want for your event, our Alumni Relations, Public Interest Law Center, and Career Services teams are available to help.  Contact Emily Weinig of Career Services, Jamila Humphrie of Alumni Relations, and/or Kathleen Neilson of PILC to begin the process. 
Raising Money:
You might be thinking about asking firms for financial support for your event. If so, you must contact Michele Eddie prior to soliciting funding from firms.  She will want to see the solicitation letter and list of firms.  It is important to make her aware of your intentions and to coordinate your efforts.
Firm Participation:
If you want to work with a firm or if a firm has offered to host an event, on or offsite, be sure to let Emily Weinig know as soon as possible.  She also has a list of firms that are interested in working with you. 

Follow Through
You've got what you need; now what?

When you've secured a speaker and the necessary funds for your event, check in with Student Affairs if you need guidance in planning the event. Figure out everything from posters to how many microphones you will need the day of the event.  Each space, and more importantly, each budget, is different so plan ahead to best utilize your funding.

Let the world know:

Post it on the NYU Law Calendar, but before you do, be sure to let the folks at Student Affairs, Career Services, PILC, and Alumni Relations know who has agreed to speak/attend your event. It's important for us all to be aware who is participating so that collectively we are following the appropriate protocols. (For more info on how to add your event to the NYU Law Calendar, please see HERE).

Food & Drink
Need catering?

For any food provided on campus, Chartwells catering must be used. Please email Jennifer Cintron ( with inquiries.

Bring It All Together

A great deal of support and planning has gone into your event.  Be sure to dot all the i's and cross all the t's. 

Does everyone know what you need? Make sure your room setup, catering, and AV order is correct.

Stay In Touch:
Be sure to check in and ask if your speaker(s) need accommodations; car service, PowerPoint, etc. 

Send reminders to your group and invitees of what is happening and where. No one wants an empty room. 

Get students to help with items such as: a printed program; nametags; thank you notes; etc. 

Line up a crew of dedicated members to help the day of the event.  Events should not be a one-person show. 

Ask for Help:
Let Student Affairs know when you need assistance.  We are happy to offer guidance and advice!