Checking In & Out

Checking In

Each resident may have up to 2 helpers assist during move-in.

  • Residents may check-in anytime (24 hours a day) after 9:00 a.m. on their confirmed academic year license start date.
  • The Front Desk, which is open 24 hours a day, will have your check-in packet.
  • Rolling bins for unloading your car and moving large items (Hayden Hall and D'Agostino Hall) are only usable until 11:00 p.m. due to the excessive noise they create.
  • Valid photo ID (license, passport, NYU ID Card, etc.) must be presented when you check-in.
  • For more information regarding what you should and should not bring when living in one of our residential building please take a look at our Residence Hall Policies page.

Arriving By Car

  • Being in the middle of New York City, parking is not provided. Large rolling bins are available to assist with moving your items from the car into the building. We recommend "live" parking in front of the building (someone should always remain with the car) while you unload. There are several parking garages in the area.

Check-in Locations

  • D'Agostino Hall residents check-in at D'Agostino Hall (110 West Third Street, corner of MacDougal Street).
  • Hayden Hall residents check-in at Hayden Hall (240 Mercer Street, corner of West Third Street).

Mailing Address

  • D'Agostino Hall: 110 West Third Street, New York, NY 10012,
  • Hayden Hall 240 Mercer Street, New York, NY 10012

Moving Company Insurance Certificates

  • NYU requires a certificate of insurance from all moving companies prior to entering our buildings. Certificates must be shared with the Office of Facilities Services via email at at least 48 hours prior to the move date for approval. You may also call our Facilities team at (212) 998-6508.

    The requirements are:
    • New York University should be named as the certificate holder.
    • General liability limits must be at least $1,000,000.00 for both general aggregate and each occurrence.
    • Automobile liability insurance must have a combined single limit of at least $1,000,000.00.

Computer Connectivity

  • For all on-line services, residents must register their computer with the School of Law’s Office of Information Technology. ResNet instructions for residents of D’Agostino and Hayden Hall will be included in your check-in packet. Each bedroom has a ResNet connection. "ResNet", offers an uninterrupted high-speed ethernet connection to the Internet in the Hayden and D'Agostino residence halls.  As noted in our materials, only the licensee (not the family housing resident) is provided with ResNet access.
  • The WiFi network in D’Agostino and Hayden Halls provides wireless access to each room throughout the entire building, in addition to the in-room ResNet ethernet connections.
  • Contact the Department of Information & Technology Services with any questions you may have.

Property Insurance

  • As a reminder, the University does not provide property insurance. Please make arrangements for insurance if you are not already covered under another policy.
  • NYU assumes no responsibility for your personal property. This includes property lost, stolen, or damaged in academic and residential buildings. As noted in the housing license, each resident is responsible for his or her personal property; therefore, it is suggested that residents carry property insurance. Renters' or tenants' insurance is a form of personal property insurance which can provide a year of coverage at a reasonable cost. If you do not already have a policy that will cover lost or damaged property, you may choose to purchase an insurance policy, some of which are especially designed for university students. National Student Services Inc./Worth Ave. Group offers plans for students, and you can learn more about their services online.  Please note: The Educational Institution represented in the previous PDF is in no way affiliated with and in no way endorses or promotes Worth Ave. Group, LLC, Hanover Insurance Company, either company's affiliates, or any of the insurance or warranty products sold or advertised by these companies or their affiliates, including those products shown in the previous PDF.

    The insurance companies below have been listed for your convenience. This information is offered as an option and is not intended as an endorsement of any company.

    CSI Insurance Agency
    104 Bombay Lane
    PO Box 1207
    Rosewall GA 30077-1207
    Tele: (888) 411-4911
    Fax: (678) 832-4910

    National Student Services Inc.
    PO Box 2137
    Stillwater OK 74076-2137
    Tel: (800) 256-NSSI
    Fax: (405) 372-9584

Checking Out

Each resident may have up to 2 helpers assist during move-out.

We understand the stress of moving and thank you in advance for your understanding. Here are some helpful tips for checking out of your apartment: 

Prior to check-out, remove everything from the walls, pack and remove your belongings, clean the bedroom and common areas (kitchen & bathroom), empty trash leaving compost and recycling bins the room, and leave the apartment in a clean and undamaged condition. Vacuum cleaners are available through the Office of Facilities Management. Completing this step will help you avoid additional billing for cleaning or damage.  Please note that New York University is not responsible for any items left in your apartment; any items left behind will be disposed of immediately. 

Carts will be available in the lobby, however keep in mind there is a two hour time limit so that all residents have an opportunity to use them. You are required to leave your driver's license with the doorman.

Place keys (front door & bedroom, mailbox, and bike room, if applicable) and building sticker into the envelope. Fill out all required information and deposit the envelope into the Express Checkout box located in the lobby.

Mail Forwarding - Our Student Resource Center will forward first-class domestic US mail for 30 days provided you leave our resource centers with printed, pre-addressed, self-adhesive labels with a US-based forwarding address. Please be aware that we cannot forward to international addresses and we do not hold/forward packages, magazines, or mail requiring a signature confirmation. These items will automatically be returned to the sender.

For additional assistance with moving you may contract with a moving company however, please note the following Law School and University insurance requirements:

1. NYU requires a certificate of insurance prior to entering our buildings. Certificates must be faxed to the Office of Facilities Services at 212-995-3160 at least 48 hours prior to the move date for approval.

2. NYU should be named as the certificate holder.

3. General liability insurance must have a combined single limit of at least $1,000,000 for both general aggregate and each occurrence.

4. Automobile insurance must have a combined single limit of at least $1,000,000.