Maintenance and Repairs

Got a problem? Submit a work order to get it fixed.

  • Should any appliance, furniture or other furnishing supplied by NYU School of Law need repair, residents of Hayden and D’Agostino residence halls must complete a work request by logging into the FIX System with their Net ID and NYU Home password and following the instructions provided. You may view the status of your request by going to “My Requests.” E-mail the NYU Law Project Management Office at if you have any difficulty logging on to the system.
  • The handyman on duty will be forwarded the work order and correct the problems as they arise in the queue. Repairs to appliances, furnishings or equipment supplied by NYU are the responsibility of management alone. No reimbursement to a resident or vendor performing repair services is allowed.
  • In cases of emergency repair issues (eg. overflowing toilet, smell of gas, or no heat): contact the front desk of your respective building.

Pest Control

  • An exterminating service representative visits each building once per week. On these visits, an NYU building staff member accompanies the representative for the duration of any preventative maintenance or responses to complaints.
  • If you require this service please complete a FIX System request.

Windows & Terraces

  • Windows and terraces in all apartments have limiters installed on the frame. This restricts the amount the window or terrace door can open (6 inches) and removal of these stops is strictly prohibited by university policy. Apartment terraces may not be used.  


  • Residents are responsible for the cleaning and care of their apartments. Cleaning supplies and materials are not provided, but a vacuum cleaner can be borrowed from the Front Desk Attendant.
  • Failure to maintain the apartment in reasonable condition may result in termination of your housing license.

Shower Operation

  • To activate the showerhead, turn the faucet(s) and push in the horizontal ‘diverter stem’ which allows water to flow upwards into the showerhead. 
  • Do not pull the stem forward to turn the shower off. Once water has been turned off, the diverter stem will release automatically.

Decorating and Painting

  • Any type of hanger resulting in larger nail holes, marks on the walls or damage to the wall is not permitted. 
  • Any damage caused to painted surfaces, including those cause by glue or large nails, is assessed against the occupants of the apartment.
  • Residents are not permitted to paint their rooms.