2023-2024 Room Selection Lottery Process

All current NYU School of Law students are welcome to apply for housing. Students currently living in housing are eligible to renew their license or participate in the room selection lottery, which is also open to students not currently living in School of Law housing.

Students have the option of renewing their current assignment and being removed from the lottery, entering the lottery as an individual/family unit, or entering the lottery as part of a newly-formed group.

  • Room Renewal
    If you choose to renew your current assignment for the 2023-2024 academic year, you will be automatically assigned it, and no additional steps are required. You will not participate in the lottery process.

  • Lottery as an individual/family unit
    Please note that individuals will be able to select only one vacancy in shared apartments. Students applying for family housing will be able to see all available spaces, including units not eligible for family housing. Please review selections carefully before submitting.

  • Lottery as part of a group
    Students may register as groups of two or three to select shared spaces. You may only be part of one group at a time, but you are able to join and leave groups prior to the start of the lottery. The first person to initiate a group becomes the group leader, though whichever group member has the first selection time slot will select a space on behalf of the entire group. Groups of two may only select double occupancy units or two spaces in triple units, and groups of three may only select triple units.

Lottery time slots are distributed by point brackets, with points based on the number of semesters a student has lived in academic year housing, with one point being added for each semester. If someone does not renew their assignment, and receives a lottery time slot but does not select a space, they will be assigned into a space by housing staff. 

Once assigned to a space, students are bound to the terms of the 2023-2024 Housing License, a 9-month financial commitment for the full academic year, which can only be canceled in accordance with the terms specified within the license.

Please note that all selections during the room selection process are final. Please email the Law Housing Administration team at LawHousingAdmin@mercury.law.nyu.edu with any questions regarding the housing lottery and room selection process.