Reading Assigments for Introduction to US Law & Practice

During the second week of Introduction to US Law, several days are devoted to exploring an evolving line of judicial opinions (cases). The volume of required reading is substantial and important to understanding common law methodology, so we recommend that you begin to read the material prior to the beginning of the summer classes. The topic of the cases differs between sections; you will find the cases for each section at the links below.

Just or Unjust? Punitive Damages and the American Judicial System

Professor Irene Ayers (Section One)

Line of Cases for Section One


Just or Unjust? Private Arbitration and the American Consumer

Professor Mary Holland (Section Two)

Line of Cases for Section Two


Just or Unjust? The Exclusionary Rule in the American Criminal Justice System

Professor Gerry Lebovits (Section Three)

Line of Cases for Section Three