Legal English

This language-based course provides LLM and Exchange students, whose first languages are other than English, with a forum to study legal English.  In class, students will review legal English terminology, and analyze and discuss the structure of selected US statutes and written opinions.  Students will closely examine court opinions in order to develop strategies to identify the parties, causes of action, relief sought, issues, legally significant facts, procedural history, holdings, dicta, rules, and other essential aspects of US case law. The main focus of the course is to improve each student’s legal English terminology and improve case reading skills.

Discussion Groups

The University hosts informal Conversation Groups for international graduate students interested in using their English conversational skills. These groups provide lively conversation in English and the opportunity to interact with graduate students from other Divisions of the University.  Come chat!

  • Improve your English conversation skills in an informal group setting
  • Groups are facilitated by NYU faculty, staff, or graduate students who are native English speakers
  • Individual groups meet once a week throughout the semester
  • You may attend one group or as many sessions as your schedule allows
  • Free and open to all NYU graduate students

Prior to the LLM

Students interested in improving their English language skills prior to the LLM program, may be interested in NYU's American Language Institute. The Institute is one of the many schools and programs in New York and throughout the US that offer English language instruction during the summer months and throughout the academic year.