Career Services

JD Students

Students waiting to be interviewed

The Office of Career Services( OCS) has a 17-member career counseling staff—the largest in the country—and it's comprised of attorneys and certified career counselors who are dedicated to helping you achieve your personal career goals.

OCS, along with the Public Interest Law Center, organizes small group sessions, individual appointments, numerous panels and workshops on all aspects of job hunting, and provides mock interviews in the office as well as with alumni at law firms. See our list of annual career events. Our Career Development Curriculum focuses on three key areas: career education and exploration, job search skills training, and recruiting and networking opportunities.

Career Education and Exploration

We educate you about your options, the future of the legal profession, and how to navigate a successful and satisfying life in the law. We offer:

  • Dozens of panel discussions and brown bag lunches to introduce you to specific areas of practice, discuss career issues of special populations, and understand different phases of the job search
  • Our annual Career Fair, where lawyers from more than two dozen legal specialty areas speak one-on-one with students.
  • Special events to introduce students to alternative career opportunities and to learn how to transition into finance and investment banking, publishing, law teaching and academic administration, politics and other non-traditional areas.
  • Our Career Resource Library reflects the interests of our students and the ever-changing conditions of the legal marketplace.

Job Search Skills Training

Through a wide range of interactive workshops and training programs, you will:

  • Develop skills in creating effective legal resumes, cover letters, and other employment-related correspondence
  • Hone your interviewing skills
  • Learn to conduct career research using both traditional and online resources
  • Gain experience and confidence in the techniques of networking and informational interviewing
  • Become adept at planning and implementing a multifaceted job search strategy

Recruiting and Networking Opportunities

Job fairs, recruitment programs and special events bring students and employers together.

  • Our Early Interview Week and Fall On-Campus Recruiting programs result in job offers for the majority of second- and third-year students interested in private sector employment.
  • Hundreds of full-time, summer and part-time job listings are publicized exclusively to our students and our alumni through the Career Services Manager (CSM) online career information system.
  • Additional opportunities to network with prospective employers abound, including numerous luncheons, receptions and dinners hosted by law firms just for first year NYU Law students. Over 50 law firm events took place last spring alone!
  • Alternative Careers Forum showcase alumni who have transitioned to other industries.