Career Services

JD Calendar of Events 2020-2021

The Office of Career Services, New York University School of Law, Furman Hall, 245 Sullivan Street, Room 430, (212) 998-6090,

FALL 2020

1L Job Search Skills Workshops (Mandatory)

October 2020
Attend this session to learn more about the 1L job search process, job search resources, and networking and interview skills. Get advice from Office of Career Services (OCS) and Public Interest Law Center (PILC) counselors, as well as 2L students who have been through the 1L job search. You will receive the NYU Career Development Resources Binder at this session. You are required to attend this workshop before meeting with a career counselor in OCS or PILC.

Career Educational Fair

October 2020
This networking and career education program includes practice area tables representing over 30 areas of practice. Speak to NYU alumni and other practicing attorneys about a wide range of practice area and practice setting options. Please note that this is an educational event and not a job fair, so resumes are not required. Dress is business casual and food and beverages will be served.

1L Small Group Counseling Sessions

Beginning November 1, 1L students may make appointments to meet with an OCS counselor for small group (8-10 students) sessions to review 1L job search techniques and timing. If you plan to seek private sector (law firm) employment for your 2L summer, you may schedule a 1L group session by calling 212-998-6090 or coming to the OCS office, Furman Hall 4th Floor. You must attend the mandatory workshop before you schedule your 1L group session.

Note: We strongly recommend that all students planning to participate in Winter Interview Program (WIP) have their resume reviewed by an OCS counselor at some point prior to WIP. Students pursuing a purely public interest job search for both 1L and 2L summer, you do not need to attend a 1L Group Session with the OCS, but should set up a meeting with a career counselor from PILC to discuss your strategy.

1L Summer Job Search Panel

November 2020
Current 2Ls discuss their summer job experiences in a variety of settings, including public interest, in-house, law firm, and research assistants. They will discuss how they found their position, and give tips and advice for finding your way through the 1L job search process.

NYU Global Networking Reception

November 2020
Attorneys from major law firms in Boston, Chicago, CT, FL, GA, NJ, PA, TX, the West Coast, Washington, D.C., London, Asia and abroad host information tables to discuss their law firms, their practice areas, and the law firm job search process in their job market. This event is mandatory for students who plan to interview with firms outside of New York City.


Winter Interview Program (WIP)

January 13-15, 2020
NYU’s premiere recruiting event for employment in the private sector. Approximately 350 legal employers attend WIP, resulting in 14,500 interviews. Over 80% of 2Ls obtain summer positions through WIP.

WIP Requirements

In order to participate in WIP, all 1Ls MUST ATTEND:

• 1 Strike-A-Match Session
• 1 Career Educational Event
• 1 Mini Mock
• 1 Interview Skills Workshop

1L Law Firm Speed Networking Luncheon

February 2021
This lunch provides a unique opportunity to become acquainted with attorneys from a large variety of New York City law firms in a very informal setting. Each employer table will be staffed with a hiring partner, recruiting professional and/or junior level attorney (many will be NYU alumni). Students will rotate to three tables over the course of this luncheon. Please RSVP on CSM.  

Strike-A-Match Session (Mandatory)

Date To Be Determined
OCS counselors present confidential data about law firm hiring practices in connection with NYU Law School's Winter Interview Program and provide advice regarding the WIP firm selection process.

How to Succeed as a Summer Associate and Throughout Your Legal Career

April 2021
Panelists will provide tips and guidance relating to professionalism, general demeanor/behavior, work assignments, feedback/evaluations and office protocol to foster your success in your summer position and throughout your legal career. The panel will include attorneys, recruiting staff, and other legal professionals.

Summer 2021

Attorney Interview Match (AIM) Program

OCS will attempt to match you with a practicing attorney from a law firm in New York City or other major metropolitan area, and you will make arrangements with the lawyer to meet at his/her office during the summer to conduct a practice interview.

Interview Skills Workshops

OCS counselors talk about overall interview tips, building an interviewing agenda and responding to difficult questions.

Practice Interview Evening (PIE)

Date To Be Determined
Attorneys will conduct practice interviews during one night in mid-August. This program is reserved for students who are unable to participate in AIM because of geographic location or timing.



For more information about clerkships, please visit the Judicial Clerkship Office (JCO) page.