Career Services

Alumni Services

The Office of Career Services (OCS) offers assistance to New York University School of Law JD and LLM graduates undertaking job or career transitions. Specific services and resources available include:

Job Listings at the OCS Career Services Manager (CSM)
Employment opportunities received by the New York University School of Law Office of Career Services (OCS) are available at CSM ( We are pleased to offer this service to graduates free of charge; you will need to register and/or create your profile at the above website. (Note: Only individuals from the JD Class of 2004 and earlier and the LLM Class of 2006 and earlier should register, as accounts have already been created for later classes. However, all users should be sure to update their profiles and search agents from time to time, as necessary.) Please read the detailed instructions located on the website. Jobs are searchable by geographic location, employer type, and practice area, etc. Users have the option of creating multiple search agents that will e-mail job listings matching the criteria of their choice. Please note that the OCS posts job notices as a service to students, graduates, and employers. We cannot guarantee the reputation or professional standing of all individual law firms, attorneys, corporations, or other employers posting job listings with us. Students and graduates are advised and encouraged to research potential employers and employment opportunities as part of the job search process.

OCS Alumni Publications

  1. Guide to Resources for the Legal Job Search. A 150+ page guide designed to introduce individuals to the materials that will be of most value in a search for traditional legal employment in a law firm, corporation, public interest organization or government agency. View Table of Contents (Currently being updated)
  2. The Road to an Alternative Career. A handout created for individuals who are interested in learning about career options available to law school graduates outside of traditional lawyering.  Whether you are just beginning to think about seeking new employment, but are not sure if you want to leave the practice of law, or whether you have made a firm decision to transition into an alternative career, you will find resources that will be of help to you.

  3. Top Tips for Making a Transition to a New Practice Area. This list has been compiled for alumni interested in changing practice areas. It includes general information on how to learn about the substance of various practice areas, as well as suggestions for how to go about making a transition.

  4. Returning to the Workplace: How, When, Where? A Bibliography. A five-page list of programs, services, articles and books created to assist individuals seeking to return to the workplace after a period of time away.
  5. Job Search Tips & Resources for Recent Graduates. General resources designed to assist alumni in developing a job search strategy.
  6. Job Search Tips & Resources for Experienced Graduates. General resources designed to assist experienced alumni in developing a job search strategy.

To request any of the above items, please send an e-mail that includes your name (also indicate name at time of graduation, if different), year of graduation, degree received, mailing address, and the name (rather than just the number) of each publication you want to (please include "Alumni Publications" in the subject heading of your message).

LexisNexis Law School Graduate Program and Aspire Program
LexisNexis provides members of the most recent graduating class with a complimentary ID that can be used through December of the year of graduation. This special ID is intended to help individuals study for the bar, conduct a job search, and become more efficient in Lexis Advance research.

Westlaw Career Services
Westlaw's career related databases are available free-of-charge to NYU School of Law graduates for one year after graduation. Please use your student password to access these resources.

Reciprocity (on hold until further notice)
(Using Other Law School Career Services Offices)
If you are looking for a job outside the metropolitan New York City area, we can make a request on your behalf to obtain access to the career services office of another law school. Requests are limited to one school per geographic region. It is important to understand that, as each law school has its own reciprocity policy, there may be varying restrictions on the services and resources provided, and access to an office may be limited during certain times of the year. (Please note that New York University School of Law's reciprocity season extends from November 16 through July 31, therefore, requests on behalf of our students and graduates can be made only during that time period. In addition, as our policy anticipates in-person use of our office by students and graduates of other law schools, we are only able to request the same service in return.) The reciprocity policies of most law schools are posted on the website of the National Association for Law Placement (NALP) at Please check this site when making a decision as to which law school you wish to utilize, then contact our office to obtain a Reciprocity Request form. It is strongly suggested that you allow approximately 5 – 7 business days for your request to be processed.  Students and graduates of other law schools seeking to use the Office of Career Services at NYU School of Law can see our reciprocity policy here. (122.56kb)

New York University School of Law Academic Careers Program (ACP)
The ACP is designed to help prepare members of the New York University School of Law community for careers in law teaching.

Individual Career Counseling
Appointments are available during most times of the year to discuss a variety of job and career transition issues. (Graduates undertaking a search primarily in the public interest or government sector should contact the Public Interest Law Center for assistance.) During certain times of the year, the availability of one-on-one counseling may be limited due to major OCS, Law School or University events, as well as professional staff schedules. Please e-mail a summary of your current situation (including the type of transition you are contemplating, your geographic parameters, any steps you may already have undertaken, and the specific topics you would like to discuss) to Please include a copy of your most up-to-date résumé (in a format other than pdf). A counselor will assess the information you have provided and either schedule an appointment, or direct you to appropriate resources to be used in preparation for an appointment.  

CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT: The Office of Career Services (OCS) and the Public Interest Law Center (PILC) maintain alumni records that include, but are not limited to, counseling notes, e-mail and other written correspondence, official and unofficial transcripts, resumes, cover letters, as well as Symplicity and PSLawNet profiles. These documents, as well as conversations between a graduate and a counselor, are presumptively confidential to the following extent: All information may be shared within and between the OCS and PILC and, when warranted, with the Office of Student Financial Services, the Office of Development and Alumni Relations, the Offices of the Vice Dean or Dean, the Office of the NYU General Counsel, and any other appropriate Law School or University offices.



Additional NYU School of Law Career-Related Services

Judicial Clerkships
New York University School of Law has a very successful judicial clerkship program. Each year more than 130 NYU School of Law graduates work as judicial clerks. Students or alumni interested in clerkships should contact the Judicial Clerkship Office (JCO) via e-mail at or In addition, please register on CSM/Symplicity under the "Clerkships" tab and review the Judicial Clerkship Handbook and Appendices. You must complete the registration form before you can access the materials. If you do not have a CSM account, you can register for an account on the student/alum login page at Contact: Judicial Clerkship Office at: (212) 998-6090.

NYU Public Interest Law Center (PILC)
The Center administers most of the Law School's public interest programs. In addition to its extensive educational programming, PILC provides career counseling, including advice on fellowship and job search strategies for students and alumni. The PILC website features, among other things, news of recent graduate placement; information on the annual Public Interest Legal Career Fair; and links to public interest organizations, government agencies and organizations offering fellowships.

PSJD (formerly PSLawNet) is an online clearinghouse through which law students and lawyers can connect with public interest and government job listings, and a large selection of employer organization profiles. A Resource Center offers information on: career paths in public service, postgraduate fellowships, international public interest opportunities, government jobs, financing a public interest career, and public service in Canada. NYU School of Law alumni can register to use PSJD free of cost by logging on to

Office of Development & Alumni Relations
The Office of Development & Alumni Relations offers graduates a forum in which to re-engage, connect and maintain ties long after graduation. Connect to the site for more information on alumni activities and programs. 

Additional University Career-Related Services

NYU School of Professional Studies 
The NYU School of Professional Studies offers undergraduate degree programs, graduate degree programs, career advancement courses, certificate programs and diploma programs in a wide range of professionally oriented areas of study.  All programs are designed to meet the academic and the professional needs of students throughout their lives and their careers. (Note: Individuals outside of metropolitan New York City might investigate whether universities in their area also offer similar adult continuing education classes.)

NYU Alumni Relations
The NYU Office of University Alumni Relations will help reconnect graduates who wish to find old friends, attend social and professional events, exchange ideas, and access career networking information.