Career Services

For US-Trained, Non-Taxation Prospective LLM Students

Call the Office of Career Services at (212) 998-6090 to set up a time to speak with a career counselor about our services. 

The OCS works with students to provide the tools for success in the legal market and determine a job search strategy that best suits each individual’s needs.

Where Our Graduates Work

The majority of graduates in all specialties work in private practice. Increasingly, students are exploring a wider range of opportunities including government, judicial clerkships, law teaching, investment banking, and in-house opportunities at corporations. Students interested in careers in the public sector are advised to work with the Public Interest Law Center (PILC) for in-depth career guidance.

How They Get Their Jobs

Most students obtain positions in the spring and later. The demand for graduate students, particularly those pursuing specialized degrees, is not seasonal, and the OCS receives notices of job openings throughout the year. We receive a small number of requests each year for US-trained attorneys to work in foreign firms or foreign satellite offices of US firms on a short-term basis. We also receive a handful of listings for permanent positions overseas.

LLM students who are US-Trained and in programs other than the LLM in Taxation, usually apply for similar positions as third-year JD students. Due, in part, to the small number of students and specialized nature of the LLM programs, most employers do not actively recruit students in the same way or with the same vigor in which they recruit JD and Taxation students. Students obtain employment through individual mailings, networking, NYU Law’s job listings, and referrals. 

Historically, large New York City law firms have hired students with above average grades in the LLM in Taxation program (B+ and higher).  Keep in mind that students who are accepted to NYU usually graduate in the top 25% of their JD classes, and, therefore, the level of competition increases.  


Please note: Part-time LLM students must complete 8 credits before you can use some of our services and 16 credits before you can use all of them. See more about OCS services for part-time students.