Bar Exams

It is the student's responsibility to complete all work and meet all graduation requirements and be aware of all Bar Exam and admission requirements. Students graduating in September or January should contact the Office of Academic Services for the deadline of completion of work for prior semesters.

For general information about state bar examinations, visit the American Bar Association website.


Before admission to a State Bar

1) MPRE Exam (March/August/November)

In addition to the Bar Exam, some jurisdictions require you to pass the MPRE Exam. Check the MPRE website for detailed information.

2) 50 Hour Pro Bono Requirement for the New York State Bar

Beginning in January 2013, a new rule affecting bar admission in New York will be in effect. All candidates seeking admission after January 1, 2015, with the exception of admission on motion candidates, will need to file documentation showing that they have completed 50 hours of qualifying pro bono work, as required by Rule 520.16 of the Rules of the Court of Appeals. For further information regarding the implementation and requirements of the new rule, along with Frequently Asked Questions, please visit The FAQs contain information on the web address and toll free telephone number in the event that you have an inquiry.

3) Complete the Character and Fitness Form

Character and Fitness forms for the New York State Bar are submitted after the Bar Exam. Access the NY state form. Character and Fitness timing and procedures may vary depending on the jurisdiction; please check with each state bar directly.

Download the Bar Admission requirements.

By April 30, 2015 NY Bar Application Deadline: If you are interested in taking the upcoming July 2015 New York State Bar Exam, the online application for the exam will be available starting April 1, 2015 at Students who wish to use a paper application should contact The New York State Board of Law Examiners (BOLE) office at (518) 453-5900 for further information. All online applications must be received through the BOLE online system between April 1, 2015 and April 30, 2015.

Strict Adherence to Bar Application Deadline: The New York State Board of Law Examiners imposes strict deadlines for applications to take the Bar Exam. Students who do not adhere to the above deadline will not be able to sit for the July 2015 Bar Exam.
By April 30, 2015 for LLM students only

Additional information for LLM students taking the NY Bar:

Information regarding eligibility to sit for the NY bar exam can be found here:

1) Complete the Online Request for Foreign Evaluation of Academic Credentials:

BOLE recommends that candidates complete the Foreign Evaluation of Academic Credentials at least six months in advance of the application to sit for the bar. You must submit your Foreign Evaluation Form and supporting foreign documentation no later than October 1st for the July 2015 bar exam.

BOLE advises against applying for the bar exam prior to receiving a decision on the foreign evaluation because the application fee is not refundable.

2) Complete the LLM Certificate of Attendance here:

View the Eligibility Requirements

By April 30, 2015

Additional information for JD students taking the NY Bar:

Complete the online Certificate of Attendance-Juris Doctor

Note: A personalized electronic copy of your Certificate of Attendance will be emailed to the Office of Records and Registration after you complete the online application.

Review of Degree Progress/Audit Report may be helpful.

By May 1, 2015 Students must submit papers from prior semesters to their faculty member for a grade.
By May 18, 2015 (Last day of the NYU exam period) Students must complete all work from their final semester by the last day of the exam period for that semester. All grades must be entered by the University Registrar's Office before a student can be certified to take the Bar Examination.
By May 30, 2015

Complete the Bar Authorization Form - allowing us to certify you for any bar that you designate

Complete the bar authorization form and bring it to the Office of Records & Registration, where you will be asked to provide a handwriting sample.

If you are a NYU School of Law graduate, you may send the bar certification form, along with a witnessed and notarized handwriting sample (see below) to:

Office of Records & Registration
New York University School of Law
245 Sullivan Street, Suite 400
New York, NY 10012

By May 30, 2015

Complete the Handwriting Sample

The handwriting sample will be emailed to you after you complete the online application. A sample of the form is available at:

If you are out of the country, you may have your handwriting sample notarized by a certified notary public and send it to the NYS Board of Law Examiners or to the Office of Records & Registration who can forward the sample on your behalf.

Contact a member of the Office of Records & Registration ( to inform them that you have personally forwarded your handwriting sample to the Bar.

Before the Bar Examination Date

1) It is the student's responsibility until the date of the Bar Examination to update all contact information on Albert (e.g. address, phone number, etc.). We must be able to contact you if questions arise.

2) Obtain an official transcript from other educational institutions (if applicable)

If you have attended another degree program, you must obtain an official transcript from that school and include it with your application materials. You should order this transcript well in advance of the deadline for filing your application, particularly if you attend a foreign law school. We cannot provide copies of transcripts from other institutions that we may have in student files.

3) Check that there are no holds/stops on your NYU account

A student who, at the time of graduation, is financially obligated to the University for tuition, housing (including summer housing after the final semester), library (library fines of $100 or more or lost books), or other services, will have a "HOLD" placed on their account, will not be cleared for graduation, be certified for state bar examinations, have official transcripts issued, or have a diploma issued until all arrears have been paid. It is the student's responsibility to make sure all accounts are cleared and all Stops/Holds are removed. Students must contact the Office of the Bursar immediately to clear up any financial "HOLDS".

4) Check that you are in compliance with New York State Health Law requirements

A student who, at the time of graduation, is not in compliance with New York State Health Law requirements for immunization against Measles, Mumps and Rubella and/or the requirement for either agreeing to waive the Meningitis Meningococcal vaccination or provide proof of the same, will not be certified and transcripts and the diploma will not be printed. (This may not apply to part-time LLM students who have always taken 5 or fewer credits each semester). Students must contact the Student Health Center immediately to clear any health requirement "HOLDS."

5) Check the laptop programs for your Bar Exam jurisdiction

Applicants should check with specific jurisdictions for details on their laptop programs. Some jurisdictions may use ExamSoft. A demonstration of the test taking software is available at

Bar Examination Review Courses

We are aware that students may choose to enroll in a bar examination review course. We caution all students to exercise due diligence and  thoroughly investigate any such course prior to signing up for the same. NYU School of Law does not endorse or make any representations or warranties of any particular bar review course.