Academic Careers Program


If you are considering a career in legal academia, there is no better place to prepare than at NYU Law. We have a long track record of successfully placing NYU Law alumni and affiliates in teaching positions in the United States and abroad.

NYU Law’s outstanding faculty plays an important role in preparing students and graduates for the law teaching market. The vitality and collegiality of the Law School community fosters the formulation of ideas. Further, interaction with faculty members in class, at colloquia, as research assistants and on directed research projects allows students to develop the skills necessary to produce excellent scholarship. Our faculty is accessible to and supportive of those pursuing careers in law teaching and faculty members serve as key mentors and advisors.

Further, the Academic Careers Program offers resources designed to support any student, graduate or affiliate who wishes to go into law teaching. With regular events, one-on-one counseling, and hands-on assistance for those on the market, NYU Law provides unparalleled resources for those interested in becoming law professors.