Financial Support

Van Hall

NYU Law devotes a substantial portion of its resources to scholarship programs, grants, and our Loan Repayment Assistance Program. 

  • The majority of our scholarships are Dean’s Awards: grants in amounts up to full tuition based on merit, need, or both. All students who complete our online institutional financial aid application will be considered for these scholarships.
  • You can also apply for specialized scholarships; many offer fully integrated academic and professional programs.
  • For details about financial aid at NYU Law, visit our Office of Student Financial Services.

Scholarship Programs

Scholarships offering integrated academic and professional programs:

The AnBryce Scholarship Program provides full-tuition scholarships and professional development support to incoming NYU Law students whose exceptional academic and leadership accomplishments were achieved in the face of extraordinarily challenging social and economic circumstances. Candidates must be among the first in their immediate family to pursue a graduate or professional degree. 

The Cybersecurity Service Scholarship aims to produce cybersecurity specialists who understand information-security issues from a multidisciplinary perspective. It includes full tuition for students who are passionate about cybersecurity and information security and dedicated to a career in government. 

The Furman Academic Scholars Program awards full tuition and summer research funding to a select group of students and gives them an early start on a career path to legal academia. Furman Scholars construct individualized programs of study tailored to their intellectual interests and work closely with a faculty mentor. 

The Furman Public Policy Scholarship Program includes full tuition as well as a Law School-funded public policy internship during the 1L summer; a 2L seminar that teaches students how to think and write like policymakers; a 3L semester in Washington, DC, either in the Legislative and Regulatory Pro- cess Clinic or in another governmental capacity; and a profession- al responsibility course centered on public policy lawyering. 

The Institute for International Law and Justice Joyce Lowinson (IILJ) Scholars Program  is for students with outstanding academic backgrounds and strong international, transnational, and comparative law interests. Scholars participate in internships, research programs, and Institute for International Law and Justice (IILJ) events. In addition, students develop a substantial research agenda and publication record in international law. 

The Mitchell Jacobson Leadership Program in Law & Business awards scholarships in amounts up to full tuition to students pursuing a nontraditional career path that requires intensive training grounded in legal and business curricula. The program connects business-minded students with mentors in the corporate world and allows students to take classes at both the Law School and the Stern School of Business. 

The Latinx Rights Scholarship provides full-tuition scholarships and professional development to incoming NYU Law students committed to public service and the pursuit of a career that promotes justice for the Latinx community, and who have demonstrated academic excellence and leadership. Latinx Rights Scholars benefit from hands-on skills training; vocational resources; and opportunities to participate in community forums, workshops, and conferences. 

The Root-Tilden-Kern Public Interest Scholarship Program, founded in 1951 and now a model for similar programs across the country, provides full tuition to 20 scholars every year who demonstrate a commitment to public service, academic excellence, and the potential for leadership. The program facilitates unique educational, mentoring, and networking opportunities engineered to develop future public service leaders. 

The Sinsheimer Service Scholarship awards full tuition each year to a student with outstanding academic merit and leadership potential who exhibits a strong commitment to providing direct representation in civil legal matters to individuals who cannot otherwise afford such representation.

Intellectual Property and Technology Scholarships

  • The Desmarais Law and Technology Scholarship awards full tuition to students who have demonstrated, through study or professional experience, interest in the study of law and technology. 
  • The Desmarais LLP Scholarship provides full tuition to students with an interest in patent law who have demonstrated scholarly or professional excellence in the field.
  • The Engelberg Scholarship awards full tuition to students who have an undergraduate degree in engineering or basic science and who have demonstrated through study or professional experience, an interest in pursuing a career in intellectual property law.

Other Types of Financial Support

The Public Interest Law Center (PILC) Summer Funding Program, the most ambitious such program in the nation, guarantees funding to all first- and second-year students who want to work in public interest and government summer positions.

The NYU Law Venture Fund awards summer grants to students interested in developing their own startups. The Fund also offers students still exploring startup ideas the chance to intern for the summer at a startup.

The Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP Plus) eases the burden of debt repayment for qualifying alumni who choose careers in public service. Most participants can earn up to $100,000 a year and have no monthly payment on their law school loans.