JD Admissions

Entering Class Profile and Statistics

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Fall 2020 Entering JD Class Profile

425 full-time day students (no part-time or evening)

LSAT Score:

  • 75th percentile: 172

  • 50th percentile: 170

  • 25th percentile: 167

Undergraduate GPA:

  • 75th percentile: 3.90
  • 50th percentile: 3.82
  • 25th percentile: 3.65

Who They Are:

  • 110 colleges represented
  • 35 states represented
  • 53 percent women
  • 40 percent students of color
  • 67 percent out of college one to four years
  • 11 percent out of college five or more years
  • 8 percent hold advanced or professional degrees

Beyond the Numbers

The admissions process is highly selective and seeks to enroll candidates of exceptional ability. The Committee on Admissions makes decisions after considering all the information in an application. There are no combination of grades and scores that assure admission or denial. Please see our Standards for Admission for a more complete understanding of the review process.

NYU Law in Brief

Jennifer Arlen
  • 104 Full-Time Faculty
  • 1,370 full-time day students (no part-time or evening)
  • 353 Courses Offered
  • 40+ Clinics & Externships
  • 16 Areas of Study
  • 80+  Student Organizations

Class of 2020 Employment

  • 68.26% Law Firms
  • 29.35% Public Interest/Government/Judicial Clerkships
  •   2.39% Corporate/Academic 

About 20% of each graduating class eventually clerks. 

Median Salaries

Public Service

Our Loan Repayment Assistance Program, eases the burden of debt repayment obligations for those choosing careers in public service. More than 500 JD graduates in public service now have their debt burden paid in full or in part by NYU Law.

In summer 2020, 396 students received Public Interest summer funding grants.