Public Interest Law Center

Summer Funding

The PILC Summer Funding Program guarantees funding for all first- and second-year students who work in public service. For students who want to be public interest lawyers, the summer provides an invaluable training opportunity; for students who choose to pursue careers in the private sector, spending their 1L summer in public service encourages the habit of pro bono work. 1L students will receive $5,500 for the summer and 2Ls will receive $7,500. Students who participate in PILC’s summer funding program are also eligible for a $1,000 NYU Law summer housing discount.

Review the PILC Intern Reports to read about past internship experiences.

If you wish to participate, carefully review the PILC Summer Funding Policies, register in the Summer Funding online system by the deadline, and make sure to check your NYU e-mail address throughout the academic year and summer for program updates.

NYU School of Law offers a modest summer rent discount to students living in Law School residences and working for public interest organizations, as judicial interns, or as research assistants for professors. Contact the Office of Residential Services for more information.