Get to Know Our Faculty

Since class visits are not possible due to COVID-19 restrictions, we put together a selection of videos to give you a sense of our faculty in action.

Recent Events

Watch Professor Kenji Yoshino talk with NYU Professor Pamela Newkirk about organizational responses to Black Lives Matter and how to bring change in the legal profession and beyond.

Watch "Crisis Response" hosted by Professor Robert J. Jackson. Panelists examined how policymakers should approach the twin public health and economic challenges of the COVID-19 crisis. 

Watch the NYU Law Forum's Supreme Court Preview, which featured a discussion between the Strict Scrutiny podcast team, including Professor Melissa Murray.

Watch Professors Arthur Miller and John Sexton (university president and dean emeritus) discuss Sexton's forthcoming book, The Law of Baseball: Judges as Umpires. 

Ideas & Issues 

Watch Alina Das '05, who teaches immigration law, discuss her scholarly and real world work protecting the rights of immigrants. 

Watch Christopher Jon Sprigman, who teaches copyright and trademark law, talk about studying creativity and innovation. 

Watch José Alvarez, who teaches courses in international law, discuss being a generalist in an age of specialization. 

Watch Deborah Burand, who teaches the International Transactions Clinic, talk about social entrepreneurship and impact investing. 

Watch Edward Rock, who teaches courses on corporations and mergers and acquisitions, talk about his study of corporate law.

Watch Vice Dean Rachel Barkow, who teaches criminal law, talk about how real world issues hone her scholarship.

Watch Lily Batchelder discuss how the Inheritance Tax reinforces racial inequality. Batchelder teaches courses on tax policy.

Watch Deborah Archer discuss how crime-free housing ordinances reinforce racism. Archer teaches the Civil Rights Clinic.

Watch Philip Alston, who teaches international human rights law, talk about incorporating his human rights works into his classes.

Watch Helen Scott, who teaches courses on contracts and corporate governance, discuss approaching business holistically.

Student Voices

Watch students talk about mentorship at NYU Law.

Watch students talk about their experiences in clinics.