JD Admissions

Dual Degrees with the Harvard Kennedy School

NYU School of Law offers a dual degree program leading to a Juris Doctor (JD) and either a Masters in Public Policy (MPP) or a Masters in Public Administration (MPA). Students can pursue a JD/MPP or a JD/MPA at the Harvard Kennedy School.

NYU School of Law requires 83 credits to earn the JD degree. NYU applies 12 credits earned at the Harvard Kennedy School towards the JD degree; each 1-credit course at the Harvard Kennedy School transfers as 4 credits at NYU.

The MPP curriculum at the Harvard Kennedy School requires ten courses in the first year and additional four in the third semester at NYU. The first-year requirements are as follows:

  • API 101 Markets and Market Failure
  • API 102 Economic Analysis of Public Policy
  • API 201 Quantitative Analysis and Empirical Methods
  • API 202 Empirical Methods II
  • DPI 201 The Responsibilities of Public Action
  • DPI 110 Political Institutions and Public Policy: American Politics, Comparative Politics, or International Politics
  • MLD 101 Strategy, Structure and Leadership in Public Service Organizations

The Spring Exercise, a two-week interdisciplinary learning activity, is also required in the first year. Three courses in the policy area of concentration (PAC), including a Policy Analysis Exercise course, are required in the third semester plus a non-PAC elective.

A distributional requirement in Financial Management (minimum of one module) can be satisfied at any time during the three semesters spent at the Harvard Kennedy School.

The MPA program at the Harvard Kennedy School requires a Master's degree. The MPA curriculum is self-designed curriculum. Students are expected to take four courses in each of the three semesters they spend at the Harvard Kennedy School. At least one course must be taken in each of the school's three core methodological areas: Quantitative Methods; Management, Leadership and Decision Sciences; and Democracy, Politics and Institutions. Students must also select a policy area of concentration and take a minimum of two courses in that area.

Students must meet the application requirements of both schools and be admitted to both schools independently. Applications may be filed simultaneously before enrolling at either school, or during their first year at either school. Students are expected to spend three consecutive semesters at the Harvard Kennedy School and complete five semesters at the NYU School of Law. The final semester must also be spent at the NYU School of Law. Students may not receive either degree until they have completed all coursework for both degrees.

Students interested in the program, and those already enrolled, are invited to contact Amy Chu, Senior Director of Academic Services and Registration at the School of Law (acadservices@exchange.law.nyu.edu or 212-998-6020), to discuss items regarding academics or the JD program. For questions regarding admission to the JD program, please contact the Office of JD Admissions at law.moreinfo@nyu.edu or (212) 998-6060.

For program specific information please contact jointconcurrentdegrees@hks.harvard.edu with any additional questions. Students with specific questions about the Harvard Kennedy School programs should visit the Kennedy School website at www.hks.harvard.edu.

For information about applying to the Kennedy School and its programs contact:

Admissions Department
John F. Kennedy School of Government
Harvard University
Suite 110
79 JFK Street
Cambridge, MA 02138