Resources for Familes

NYU and the Law School welcome the partners, spouses, and children of our students.

Resources for Students with Children

The Center for Student Life provides a number of useful resources available on the Students with Children webpage, such as  fun things to do with kids in NYC, tips for balancing school and family, Carebridge resources for parents, and information on the Childcare Subsidy.  For additional information, call 212-998-4411 or email student-life@nyu.edu

International Spouses and Partners Program

The Office of Global Services (OGS) offers orientation, as well as the International Spouses/Partners English Program (ISEP) and an International Spouses/Partners Group (ISG).

Childcare Subsidy

NYU offers full-time graduate students with young children a childcare subsidy of $300 per semester. Further information about this subsidy is available from the Students with Children webpage.

NYU Partners-In-Law

A group of Law student spouses, fiancees, partners, significant others, and the better halves of NYU Law students. The goal of the group is to explore common interests, to find a common bond among each other and to promote social opportunities. For more information, please contact Beth Walthal or look for them on Facebook.

New York City Resources