US Asia Law Institute Colloquium: Globalization, International Law and East Asia Law

Professor José E. Alvarez
Professor Frank Upham

Fall 2022
Tuesdays, 2:15 - 4:15p.m.

Remote (Subject to become Hybrid)

2 credits

This two credit colloquium will meet weekly for the spring semester of 2022. It addresses select legal issues involving East Asia. Background readings and invited guests will address select issues involving globalization, international law, and comparative law from the perspectives of the countries, societies, and regional organizations of East Asia. As indicated in the tentative syllabus below, it will include discussion of contemporary developments with respect to the arbitration of disputes, regional integration, trade law, academic freedom, the status and rights in Hong Kong, same sex marriage, and environmental law topics.

During the 13 weeks of the course, nine scholars will be presenting their recently published work or works in progress for student comment. The main pedagogical goals of the class are to familiarize students with the ways legal academics engage with and critique scholarship, better prepare students who expect to write research papers either during this class or others, while also introducing contemporary legal issues important to the region.

Spring 2022 Schedule of Presenters

Tuesday, February 1
Guest: Matthew Erie, "China’s Dream of Legal Cosmopolitanism"

Tuesday, February 15
Guest: Daniel Fitzpatrick, "Complex Systems of Property: Institutional Change and Catastrophic Disruption"

Tuesday, March 8
Guest: Trang Mae Nguyen, "Hidden Power in Global Supply Chains"

Tuesday, March 22
Guests: Pasha Hsieh, a chapter from his book, New Asian Regionalism in International Economic Law

Tuesday, March 29
Guest:  Eva Pils, "China’s impact on international human rights law"

Tuesday, April 5
Guest: Larry Catá Backer 

Hong Kong Between ‘One Country’ and ‘Two Systems’: Essays From the Year that Transformed the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (2019-2020) (Little Sir Press, 2021)
Chapters 2, 14, 17, 28 & 31

Tuesday, April 19
Guest: Frank Upham/Ayako Hatano

Tuesday, April 26
Guest: Kathinka Furst


Anyone wishing to attend any particular session of the Colloquium above should email Stephany Ramos ( to get a zoom invitation.