US Asia Law Institute Colloquium: Globalization, International Law and East Asia Law

Professor José E. Alvarez
Professor Chao-ju Chen

FALL 2022
Tuesdays, 8:50 - 10:50 a.m.

2 credits

This two credit colloquium will meet weekly for the fall semester of 2022 on Tuesdays from 8:50 to 10:50am. It addresses select legal issues involving women’s rights and gender in Asia, particularly in China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. As indicated on the tentative syllabus schedule at the end, starting with week five of the course, seven guest presenters will address their recent published work or works in progress. Topics for the course will include the patriarchal family, the institution of marriage, transnational LGBTQ rights, discriminatory practices and national and international remedies to address them (such as gender quotas and improved access to justice for women) under instruments like the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.

Fall 2022 Schedule of Presenters

Tuesday, September 20

Guest: José E. Alvarez
Topic: CEDAW’s Progressive Property Jurisprudence

Tuesday, September 27

Guest: Ishida Kyokoo 石田 京子
Professor, Waseda Law School (Japan)
Topic: Women’s Access to Justice in Japan from the Perspectives of Users and the Legal Profession

Tuesday, October 4

Guest: Li Ke
Assistant Professor, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Topic: Marriage Unbound (Ch.1, 6-12, Ch.7)

Tuesday, October 11

Guest: Linda White (Middlebury)
Associate Professor in Japanese Studies, Middlebury College
Topic: "Not Entirely Married: Resisting the Hegemonic Patriarchal Family in the Household Registry in Japan," Special Issue: productive encounters: kinship, gender, and family laws in East Asia, postions: asia critique. 29:3 (2021).

Tuesday, October 18

Guest: Sara Friedman (IU) 
Professor of Anthropology and Gender Studies
Topic: “The Laws Don’t Protect Us”: Seeking Justice across Borders for Binational LGBT

Tuesday, October 25

Guest:  Hyunah Yang 양현아
Professor of Law, Seoul National University School of Law (South Korea)
Topic: Japanese Military Sexual Slavery Issue Viewed from the Position of Postcolonial Korea

Tuesday, November 1

Guest: Chang-ling Huang 黃長玲
Professor of Political Science, National Taiwan University (Taiwan)
Topic: Gender Quotas and Women in Politics: The East Asian Experience

Tuesday, November 15

Guest: Holning Lau
Willie Person Mangum Distinguished Professor of Law
University of North Carolina School of Law
Topic: Comparative Perspectives on Treating Gender Identity/Expression Discrimination as Sex Discrimination

Tuesday, November 22

Guest: Chao-ju Chen
Topic: Only Paradox to Offer? Family-friendly policies and feminist challenges against marital status discrimination

Tuesday, November 29

Guest: Frank Upham
NYU School of Law
Topic: Same Sex Marriage and Japan


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