Colloquium on Culture and Law

Professor J.H.H. Weiler

Spring 2023
Tuesday, 6:35 to 8:35 pm
Vanderbilt Hall, Room 202


2 Credits

The colloquium examines ways law and culture, construed broadly, interact and shape one another.  Each class will focus on a particular methodology or approach to the study of this interdisciplinary field. Topics include constitutive theory, Marxist readings, legal realism, the role of common sense in the law, and law-and-literature/film. These will be analyzed through readings which integrate insights from anthropology, cultural studies, jurisprudence, literary analysis, and critical studies, among others. Later sessions may also include discussions with faculty and visiting scholars on research which relates to the course.


Guest Speaker schedule*:

March 7, 2023Daniel Shaviro, Wayne Perry Professor of Taxation, NYU - Reading: Excerpt from: Bonfires of the American Dream in American Rhetoric, Literature, and Film

April 4, 2023 Amy Adler, Emily Kempin Professor of Law, NYU - Reading: Artificial Authenticity: Art, NFTs, and the Death of Copyright by Amy Adler

April 18, 2023 - Jane Anderson, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Museum Studies and a Global Fellow in the Engelberg Center for Innovation Law and Policy, NYU; Māui Hudson (Whakatōhea), Associate Professor and Director of the Te Kotahi Research Institute at the University of Waikato; and Keolu Fox (Kanaka Maoli), ENRICH Global Chair and Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of California, San Diego - Readings: Decolonizing Attribution: Traditions of Exclusion by Jane Anderson and Kimberly Christen; The Illusion of Inclusion - The "All of Us" Research Program and Indigenous Peoples' DNA by Keolu Fox, Ph.D.; Back to the Future: Intertwining Indigenous knowledge with synthetic biology to restore Hawai'i's ecology by Keolu Fox and Cliff Kapono; and Creating space for Indigenous perspective on access and benefit-sharing: Encouraging research use of the Local Contexts Notices by Libby Liggins, Māui Hudson, and Jane Anderson; Visit Local Contexts website; Watch Local Contexts videos



*Please e-mail if you would like to attend any of these sessions