Law and Development Colloquium

Spring 2024
Alternate Mondays, 4:45
6:45 p.m.

Vanderbilt Hall (40 Washington Square South), Room 202

Organizer: Professor Kevin E. Davis

The Colloquium on Law and Development will focus on the role that law and legal institutions play in economic, social, and political development. Each public session will involve a presentation of a work-in-progress by an invited speaker and will be open to members of the NYU community.

Please email Tiffany Scruggs for copies of the papers.

Schedule of Presenters

Monday, January 29
Matthieu Chemin, McGill University
Paper topic: TBA

Monday, February 12
Damian Chalmers, National University of Singapore
Paper topic: TBA

Monday, February 26
Maron E. Greenleaf, Dartmouth
Paper topic: TBA

Monday, March 11
Maria Adele Carrai, NYU Shanghai
Paper topic: TBA

Monday, April 1
Laura Boudreau, Columbia Business School
Paper topic: TBA

Monday, April 15
Deepa Das Acevedo, Emory University School of Law
Paper topic: TBA