Race and Inequality Colloquium

Professor Deborah N. Archer
Professor Vincent M. Southerland

Spring 2024
Tuesdays, 4:25–6:25 p.m.

2 Credits

The Race and Inequality Colloquium will explore the role the law plays in the oppression of people of color in America, serving as a driver of racial discrimination and inequality. But the law also has a powerful potential to overcome racial inequality. Much of our nation’s history can be understood through this lens. As America continues to wrestle with structural racism and its impacts, understanding the potential and the limitations of the law as a tool for racial justice remains one of the most critical and urgent questions facing our country. Each week, students in the Colloquium will have the opportunity to engage with the work of leading scholars and advocates working in the field of racial justice. The Colloquium invites racial justice scholars to discuss their works-in-progress and advocates to discuss current campaigns.

January 23, 2024
Devon Carbado, UCLA School of Law
Taking Implicit Bias Seriously

February 6, 2024
Yuvraj Joshi, Brooklyn Law School
Racial Time

February 27, 2024
Rose Cuison-Villazor
Forbidden Love: Immigration and Citizenship Laws as Interracial Marriage Restrictions

March 12, 2024
Ryan Haygood, New Jersey Institute for Social Justice
New Jersey Institute for Social Justice Say the Word Campaign

April 2, 2024
K-Sue Park, UCLA School of Law
The History Wars and Property Law: Conquest and Slavery as Foundational to the Field

April 16, 2024
Melissa Murray, NYU School of Law
Stare Decisis and Remedy


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