Legal History Colloquium

Professor David Golove
Professor Daniel Hulsebosch

Spring 2019
Alternate Mondays 4:10-6:00 p.m.
Vanderbilt Hall, Room 202

2 credits

The colloquium will alternate between public and private sessions. In the public sessions, the colloquium will discuss works-in-progress by historians or legal scholars. In the private sessions, the moderators and students will discuss reading materials that provide context for the upcoming public papers. Students will submit response papers before each public session.


Spring 2019 Schedule of Presenters


“Faithful Execution” and Article II

Andrew Kent, Professor of Law, Ethan J Leib, John D Calamari Distinguished Professor of Law, and Jed Shugerman, Professor of Law, Fordham Law School

February 11

Corporate Sovereignty and the First Federal Land System

Gregory Ablavsky, Associate Professor of Law, Stanford Law School                     

February 25

The Field Code: How Shall the Lawyers Be Paid?

Kellen R. Funk, Associate Professor of Law, Columbia Law School

March 11

Training the Citizen-Enforcers of Disability Rights (contact Peter Freedberger at for a copy of the paper)

Karen Tani, Professor of Law, University of California, Berkeley, and Sidley Austin–Robert D. McLean Visiting Professor, Yale Law School


María Coleta and the Capuchin Friar: Slavery, Salvation, and the Adjudication of Status (Havana, 1817)

(contact Peter Freedberger at for a copy of the paper)

Rebecca Scott, Charles Gibson Distinguished University Professor of History and Professor of Law, University of Michigan

April 15

Making Sense of Equal Footing  (contact Peter Freedberger at for a copy of the paper)

Stephen Holmes, Walter E. Meyer Professor of Law, NYU School of Law


Taking Affirmative Action around the World

H. Timothy Lovelace Jr., Professor of Law, Indiana University Maurer School of Law, and John Hope Franklin Visiting Professor of Law, Duke University School of Law