Colloquium on Law and Security

Professor Stephen Holmes
Professor David Golove

Professor Rachel Goldbrenner


Spring 2022
Thursdays, 3:20–5:20 p.m.
2 credits


The Colloquium will explore a broad array of emerging issues in the rapidly changing field of national security. Today, U.S. policy makers no longer see transnational terrorism as the central threat to American national security. Unchallenged American hegemony is increasingly a feature of the past. The nature of how we fight as well as how we cooperate across borders is changing. The aim of the seminar, therefore, is to define and debate the new, complex and evolving threat environment facing the country in the third decade of the twenty-first century. We will look abroad, including at deteriorating relations with an increasingly powerful China and a belligerent Russia, the threat of cyber warfare and “gray zone” tactics, the weakening of America’s traditional alliances and values, and emerging conflicts around the world. And we will also focus on domestic issues in the United States, including white nationalism and systemic racism, strains on our system of democracy, challenges within our national security bureaucracy, and persistent, and growing, questions around executive powers and the adequacy of Congressional oversight. Each week we will engage with a presentation by an eminent national security expert—including former government officials, legal academics, international relations specialists, journalists, and human rights activists—as we explore the defining features and dilemmas of today’s national security law and policy. 



Spring 2022 Schedule of Presenters


Thursday, January 27

Danielle Citron (University of Virginia School of Law)

 Government Spies and the Future of Privacy

Thursday, February 3

Anne-Marie Slaughter (New America)

Rethinking National Security: Globalism vs. Nationalism

Thursday, February 10

Naz Modirzadeh (Harvard Law School)

Passion and the International Law of War

Thursday, February 17

Oona Hathaway (Yale Law School)

National Security Lawyering

Thursday, February 24

Bobby Chesney (University of Texas School of Law)

Operation Goldenrod and the Hybrid Model of Counterterrorism: Mixing Military and Law Enforcement Elements

Thursday, March 3

Samuel Moyn (Yale Law School)

How the United States Abandoned Peace and Reinvented War

Thursday, March 10

Aziz Huq (University of Chicago School of Law)

Islam, Terrorism, and Democratic Backsliding

Thursday, March 24

Susan Thornton (Yale Law School)

Prospects for US - China Relations in a Globalized World

Thursday, March 31

Steven Simon (MIT)

Jonathan Stevenson (IISS)

 A New American Civil War?

Thursday, April 7

Anatol Lieven (Kings College London)

The Russian Invasion of Ukraine (Causes and Consequences), with some additional Reflections on Climate Change and National Security

Thursday, April 14

Tendayi Achiume (University of California, Los Angeles)

Racial Borders

Thursday, April 21

Ambassador Gérard Araud (Atlantic Council)

The Atlantic Alliance and the War in Ukraine