Colloquium on Law and Security

Professor Stephen Holmes
Professor David Golove

Fall 2019
Thursdays, 3:00–4:50 p.m.

Vanderbilt Hall, Room 208

2 credits


This colloquium will deal with a broad range of national security issues. Following 9/11, the national security landscape was largely defined by the still continuing war against terrorism, which gave rise not only to conflicts on several continents with non-state actors (e.g., al Qaeda and ISIS), but also to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. More recently, new kinds of national security dilemmas have increasingly taken center stage: Great power competition between the United States and China and the United States and Russia; the prospect and reality of nuclear proliferation on the Korean peninsula and in the Middle East; the emergence of increasingly sophisticated, and the widespread availability of, cyber weapons; and the much discussed breakdown of the liberal international legal order, characterized by intensifying threats to global institutions like the European Union, the World Trade Organization, the NATO Alliance, as well as to democracy itself from the rise of so-called populist parties. The international, constitutional and administrative law issues this new landscape implicates are legion, and we will be considering a variety of them in the papers and other writings that visiting experts will present each week in this Colloquium. The Colloquium aims to foster productive discussion on these issues between legal academics, serious journalists and historians, and government officials with practical experience.



Fall 2019 Schedule of Presenters

Thursday, September 5

Jon Finer (NYU Reiss Center on Law and Security)

"The Emerging US Foreign Policy Consensus around Non-Intervention, it's fragility and limits"

Thursday, September 12

Marty Lederman (Georgetown University Law Center)

"The Obama National Security Law Framework "

"War and Presidential Powers"

Thursday, September 19

Michael Hanna (The Century Foundation and NYU Reiss Center on Law and Security)

" Egypt, America and the Middle East"

Thursday, October 3

Professor Ryan Goodman (NYU School of Law)

"National Security Implications of the Ukrainian Scandal"

Thursday, October 10

Steve Simon (Colby College, formerly Senior Director for Middle Eastern and North African Affairs on National Security Council)

"America's Moment in the Middle East"

Thursday, October 24

Liza Goitein (Brennan Center for Justice)

"The Future of Presidential Emergency Powers"

Additional reading materials on Executive Emergency Powers are available upon request

Thursday, October 31

Bruce Ackerman (Yale Law School)

"National Security and Constitutional Democracy: The Long View Twenty first Century Reflections on Sarajevo"

Thursday, November 7

Karen Greenberg (Fordham Law School)

"Terrorism and the Courts"

Thursday, November 14

Jack Goldsmith (Harvard Law School)

"After Trump: An Agenda for Reform"

For a copy of the paper, please email Theresa Allison

Thursday, November 21

Stephen Walt ( Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government)

"What is Wrong with America's Idea of National Security"

Thursday, December 5

Janine di Giovanni ( Senior Fellow at Yale University's Jackson Institute for Global Affairs)

"The Syrian Disaster"