Colloquium on Constitutional Theory

Professor Daryl Levinson
Dean Trevor Morrison

Fall 2020
Monday, 5:20-7:10pm
Vanderbilt Hall, Room 210

2 Credits

This colloquium is geared toward students with an interest in reading and critically engaging with legal scholarship in the areas of constitutional law, constitutional theory, and public law more broadly. A series of scholars will be invited to present and discuss works in progress with enrolled students and NYU faculty.

Fall 2020 Schedule of Presenters

September 9
Michael J. Klarman, Harvard Law School, "The Degradation of American Democracy—and the Court"

September 21
K. Sabeel Rahman, Brooklyn Law School, "Structuralist Regulation"

October 5
Miriam Seifter, University of Wisconsin Law School, "The Democracy Principle in State Constitutions"

October 19
Leah Litman, University of Michigan Law School, "The Not So Great Writ"

November 2
Richard M. Re, University of Virginia School of Law, "Interpretive Permissions"

November 16
Maggie Blackhawk, University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School, "Federal Indian Law as Paradigm Within Public Law"

November 30
Nikolas Bowie, Harvard Law School