The New York Experience


"What I love most about New York is that it feels like home. It’s my first time here, but I never feel lonely, maybe that's because of my classmates.” — Rugeradh Tungsupakul (Thailand)

"I love to go to museums. My favorite one is MoMA; it's free for NYU students." — Paramee Kerativitayanan (Thailand)

"I recommend the New York Public Library. My son took an amazing Spanish music class there." — Ziqing Zheng (China)


"One of the best things about NYU is that it's very close to the Strand Bookstore." — Masashi Ichikawa (Japan)


"The most interesting thing to do in New York? Sit in Washington Square Park and people watch." — Junru Liu (China)


"I like walking around and having picnics in Brooklyn or Central Park or by the Hudson River." — Claire Larue (Belgium)


"What I really like is being able to get on my bicycle and ride to school from Brooklyn."  — Esteban Donoso (Ecuador) 


"I like the Israeli restaurant 12 Chairs. And it's right on MacDougal Street." — Noga Blickstein Shchory (Israel)


"A perfect Sunday night: Going to Corner Bistro and watching a basketball game." — Luis Nagalli (Brazil)


"Some of the Indian restaurants that I like are very close by, including Mirch Masala." — Abhay Joshi (India)