Graduate Admissions

Application Deadlines and Forms

Be sure to submit the online application and have your supporting materials arrive to LSAC by the deadline. 

You can apply at any point before the deadline—do not wait for your materials to be processed. Provided materials arrive to LSAC on time, we'll receive your law school report when it is ready. 

We make no guarantees in cases of late arrival; we may be unable to issue a decision or it may be delayed. 

Full-time LLM Programs

These programs start in Fall 2022 (August). If you need a student visa, you must study on a full-time basis.

I hold a foreign law degree:

I hold a US JD: 

Part-time Programs

You can apply for part-time study starting in the spring (January) or fall (August). If you’re an LLM applicant who holds a foreign law degree, you should apply for the fall because our introductory US law classes are offered then.

I want to start in Spring 2022:

I want to start in Fall 2022:

  • Apply by June 1
  • These application forms become available in January. 

JSD Program

The full-time doctoral program starts in late August/early September annually.