Graduate Admissions

Current NYU Law Students

Information contained on this page is only for students who are currently matriculated at NYU Law and who plan to apply to another degree program at the Law School.

Application Procedures

Current NYU Law students who wish to apply to the Graduate Division (LLM, JSD, or APC programs) should contact Graduate Admissions directly to receive instructions regarding application procedures for the program to which they are applying. As a courtesy, the application fee will be waived.

All current NYU Law applicants to the Graduate Division are required to review and agree to the Admission 2024 Application Instructions (PDF: 350 KB). Depending on the intended program, some of the procedures have been abbreviated for the convenience of current students (see relevant information below). For current students applying to the JSD program, we also provide additional resources to assist with the drafting of the Proposal of Study.

Current NYU LLM Students

Students who have obtained an LLM degree at NYU School of Law and who wish to matriculate for a second degree in an LLM program must apply and be admitted by the Committee on Graduate Admissions. Admitted students who already have an LLM from NYU School of Law can obtain a second LLM degree by successfully completing the in-field credits required in that specialty and a total of no less than 21 credits. For a second LLM degree, tuition will be charged at a flat rate.

Master’s students may apply for entry to the JSD program provided they will have completed all requirements to receive the LLM degree by the start date of the doctoral program.

Whether interested in another LLM or the JSD, applying involves the completion of an online application form and the submission of required application materials via the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) by a specific deadline. Students must use the same LSAC account that they used when they initially applied to NYU.

Foreign-educated LLM students who are currently matriculated at NYU School of Law may apply to the JD program and receive advanced standing. Interested students must take the LSAT by December and apply as entering first-year JDs by February 15. NYU LLM students who are admitted as entering JDs will receive a year of advanced standing credits at the successful completion of their first year. For further information, visit JD Admissions.

Current NYU JD Students

JD students may apply for the LLM program provided they will have completed all requirements to receive the JD degree by the intended start date of the LLM. Candidates must apply via NYU Law's online application form that is specific to the desired program. The Office of Graduate Admissions will obtain NYU Law transcripts internally. Applicants do not need to make arrangements for NYU Law transcripts to be sent to Graduate Admissions. A letter of recommendation is optional.

JD students may apply for the LLM portion of the JD/LLM in Taxation during either the 2L or 3L year. In both cases, the candidate will be applying to commence the LLM portion at the completion of his or her 3L year. 

JD students who are interested in the LLM portion of the JD/LLM in International Law initially apply through the Institute for International Law and Justice in their 2L year and must also apply for admission to the LLM in their 3L year.