Graduate Admissions

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Vanderbilt Hall

Connect with admission officers to learn about exciting opportunities and get advice.

Virtual Programs

Admission officers will present each of these programs several times throughout the Fall semester. To register, click the button for the program(s) you'd like to attend and choose a date.

All times are New York/Eastern.

Information Session

Interested in graduate legal studies? Obtain a broad overview of the Graduate Division during these sessions with the opportunity to ask admission officers your questions after the presentation.

Sessions Over for Fall Semester

Explore the Graduate Division

Dive into our programs to find the right fit for your goals. Learn about requirements, types of classes, students activities, and opportunities in New York.

Sessions Over for Fall Semester 

Scholarships and Financing

Learn about the anticipated costs of a graduate legal education and how to meet them.

Sessions Over for Fall Semester

Application Clinic

Ready to apply? Attend a clinic to learn what officers expect from the materials you'll submit and obtain tips about how to assemble your application.

Sessions Over for Fall Semester

Recent Events

Information Session for the LLM in Taxation

Watch: The Tax LLM at NYU, November 2023