Graduate Admissions

Accepting an Offer of Admission

In order to accept an offer of admission, students must not have an enrollment or deferral commitment to attend another institution, will be required to withdraw from any other offers of admission they have at that point, and must attest they will not apply to another institution or request to be reinstated at any institution from which they have withdrawn.

Full-time LLM Programs

Students admitted to the full-time LLM programs must submit a non-refundable deposit to reserve their seat in the class. A deadline will be provided to admitted students.

Admitted students who are granted scholarships will be given a short interval to respond to our scholarship offer. The Committee therefore encourages all applicants to consider whether NYU is their school of choice, and to investigate the means of financing costs which may not be covered by scholarships, so that they can decide whether to accept a scholarship offer shortly after being notified of the award.

JSD Program

No deposit is required to reserve a seat in the incoming doctoral class. Further instructions will be provided with the offer of admission.

Part-time LLM, E-LLM, MSL, and APC Programs

The admission packet for admitted students will include instructions on how to reserve a seat in the class. No deposit is required to reserve a seat in the incoming part-time class.