Executive LLM in Tax

The Graduate Tax Program of NYU School of Law

The Graduate Tax Program (GTP), established in 1945, is the foremost program of its kind in the nation. The graduate tax faculty includes several of the country's leading academic figures in taxation as well as tax practitioners who combine an extraordinary commitment to teaching with practical knowledge accumulated over years of experience at the most sophisticated levels of tax practice. Alumni of the program are found in prominent positions in tax practice, government, the judiciary, and academia. For more information regarding the Graduate Tax Program at the NYU School of Law, please visit the Tax Program website.

The GTP’s abilities in the field of tax education are such that its faculty provided continuing legal education to the Internal Revenue Service’s Office of Chief Counsel for over thirty years starting in 1981.  While proud of the tax program's long association with Chief Counsel, in 2011, the Law School declined to submit a bid in response to the Service's request for proposals.

While most of the applicants and enrolled students in the full-time LLM in Taxation program are graduates of US law schools, foreign-trained lawyers are welcome to apply. The program is designed to provide a firm grounding in all of the major areas of federal taxation. Theoretical and policy issues are also covered extensively, because a narrow, mechanical approach to tax problems is neither responsible nor practical. The program is rigorous because no other approach can effectively address the complexity of the tax laws.