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Your Part-time LLM Program Online Experience

As a part-time LLM student in the Graduate Tax Program, you will "bid" for your courses using the School of Law's online registration system called COURSES. When your bids are successful, the School of Law officially enrolls you in those courses for the semester.

Once you are officially enrolled and the semester begins, you can access your course websites through NYU Home, a portal for NYU's online resources.

Log into NYU Home with your NetID (assigned to you when you accept an offer of admission) and password.

NYU Home opens on your "Favorites" screen. Each resource is displayed on its own "card." If you don't see a card for NYU Brightspace, use the search function in the upper-right corner of the page. Click on the blue ribbon to add NYU Brightspace to your favorites.

Enter NYU Brightspace by clicking "GO."


NYU Brightspace displays a link for each of your classes on the lower left side of the page. Click on the link for your class.


Professors at NYU School of Law organize their class websites in many different ways. You will want to explore the website for each of your classes to understand how your professor has organized the site. Most professors rely heavily on "Content" and "Announcements."

Image of the homepage for a class website within NYU LMS.


"Online" classes within the Graduate Tax Program do not require real-time participation in class meetings; instead, you will gain access to recordings of classes that have taken place on campus (or in a professional studio) during the current semester or a previous semester. 

To access class recordings from your class website, click on "More Tools" and then "Panopto Course Folder." Panopto, our platform for hosting class recordings, will launch.

Image of website with links to multiple recorded classes.


The recordings will be labeled by class number, date, or both. Please note that Panopto defaults to 25 recordings per page. There may be additional class recordings on a second page.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Graduate Tax Program at (212) 998-6150 or law.taxprograms@nyu.edu.