Executive LLM in Tax

Executive LLM Tuition and Financial Aid

Students enrolled in the Executive LLM will be part-time students at NYU School of Law and will be charged tuition on a per credit basis, not including fees. Tuition and fee schedules are set by New York University’s Bursar’s office. See more information about tuition and fees.

Review our information about financial aid at NYU School of Law.

Many students ask about the availability of student loans. Federal student loans typically require, among other criteria (such as US citizenship, permanent residence status, or other eligible non-citizen statuses), that a student be in full-time or half-time status. Half-time status is defined as half of full-time status. As full-time status can range from 10-12 credits typically, 5-6 credits is deemed to be half-time enrollment. Federal loans generally aren't an option for most part-time tax students, as working tax attorneys can usually only balance 2-4 credits of coursework alongside their other time commitments. However, some private lenders do loan to students who are enrolled in less than half-time status, though again, they sometimes impose requirements that one be a US citizen or at least have a US social security number or a cosigner. We do not endorse or recommend any of these lenders or these loan products, and you are encouraged to carefully read the terms of any commercial loan products. You can find more information about private loans. The Law School's Financial Aid Office can provide you with the names of private lenders who loans to students enrolled in less than half-time status, though again, the school does not endorse or recommend any private loans or lenders, and you should note the information and disclosures on our private lender information page. Review our information about obtaining student loans to help finance your education.