Enrollment Options FAQs

To help you decide which option is right for you, we've put together some answers to frequently asked questions.

Are all the specializations available in the Spring 2021 enrollment option?

Yes. You can apply for the Master of Laws or one of our eight specializations.

For Spring 2021 entry, two specializations require a specific second semester. If you want to complete the LLM in International Taxation starting in the Spring 2021 semester, you will finish the degree in Summer 2021. For those starting in the Spring 2021 semester and completing the LLM in Environmental and Energy Law, their second semester of study will be in Fall 2021.

For Fall 2021 entry, all full-time students will finish in Spring 2022.

 Can I apply more than once?

No. All applicants must choose whether they wish to apply to start in either the Spring 2021 or Fall 2021 semester, and must select on the application form the one LLM program they most wish to pursue, if admitted.

Standards of admission are the same across all programs of study and entry semester.

Will I be eligible for Optional Practical Training (OPT) no matter which enrollment option I choose?

Optional Practical Training (OPT) is an option for which international students on an F-1 visa can apply to extend their stay in the US and work after the LLM. Whether you start in Spring or Fall, the two semesters over which you will complete the degree are designed to meet the requirements to establish eligibility for OPT. However, international students who start studies in Spring 2021 and waive Introduction to US Law and Introduction to US Legal Practice must finish in Fall 2021 in order to apply for OPT.

If I start in Spring 2021, when will I be able to take the New York Bar Exam?

The New York Bar Exam is typically offered twice a year, in July and February. 

For those who need the LLM to establish eligibility, NYU Law offers an extensive range of classes approved by the New York Court of Appeals for this purpose. Following an order from the Court of Appeals in June 2020, any classes taken in residence—including Summer 2021—will count toward the number of required credits to establish eligibility for the New York bar exam. 

Assuming the usual exam administration schedule, students who start in the Spring 2021 semester and establish eligibility can plan for the February 2022 exam administration.

Students who start in Fall 2021 and graduate in May 2022 having completed the requirements to establish eligibility can plan for the July 2022 administration.

What career and/or post-graduate fellowship opportunities will I have?

The International Student Interview Program will take place in June 2021 to allow for all LLM students to participate. The Public Interest Legal Career Fair will also take place in the spring.

Tax LLM recruiting occurs during the fall and the spring, with On-Campus Interview Programs in each semester and the Taxation Interview Program in early March.

Most fellowship programs will offer selected students the opportunity to complete the fellowship in the semester or summer of their choosing.

The Office of Career Services and Public Interest Law Center will continue to provide individual counseling to ensure access to all possible opportunities.

Can I apply for on-campus housing no matter which semester I start?

On-campus housing is often the preferred choice of LLM students, and admitted students can apply after they have accepted NYU's offer and enrolled at the Law School. 

Can I apply for scholarships regardless of enrollment option?

NYU Law awards a limited number of merit-based scholarships for the full-time LLM program. You can apply for scholarships regardless of whether you plan to start in Spring 2021 or Fall 2021. 

Applicants interested in the Hauser Global Scholarship Program must apply for Fall 2021 entry. 

What are the semester start dates?

Spring 2021: Introduction to US Law and Introduction to US Legal Practice are required for all foreign-trained attorneys and will be offered concurrently over two weeks starting on January 4, 2021. Orientation will take place over the period of the introductory courses. 

The first day of classes for those not required to complete the introductory courses will be January 19. 

Summer 2021: The summer semester will begin on May 17 and run through August 20. 

Fall 2021: Fall 2021 classes are scheduled to begin on September 1. International students who choose to start in Fall 2021 must report to campus in early August for the required introductory classes, unless granted a waiver. Dates for the required classes will be announced in Spring 2021.

Can I apply to journals?

LLM students who are interested in participating in one of the Law School’s student-edited journals will be able to apply for these opportunities regardless of when they choose to start their studies. The application process takes place a month before the start of classes each semester, and further information on how to apply will be announced. Students interested in working with the faculty-edited Tax Law Review should contact the publication directly after enrolling.

Will clinics be available for all enrollment options?

LLM students may apply for clinics, including those offered in the summer semester. Information about the clinic application process will be provided to admitted students after they enroll.