The New Option to Start in Spring

Join our community in January and use the Summer semester to continue your studies or extend your experience beyond the Law School. You’ll capitalize on the unique flexibility on offer this year to prepare for your future career.

Same Engaging Curriculum and Support

Choose from the array of classes in the Spring 2021 curriculum, including clinics and research options. Our centers and institutes also are planning a calendar of intellectual events, and student organizations will be in full swing. You’ll then have the choice to complete the LLM in Summer 2021, or spend those months pursuing other opportunities before finishing the master’s degree in the Fall 2021 semester.

Our Graduate Division administrators, along with the faculty directors of our LLM programs, are dedicated to supporting the intellectual and career goals of our master's students. They will make your year a rich and rewarding one.

Summer Semester Advantage

If you plan on finishing your degree in Summer 2021, you will:

  • Choose from some of our most popular classes taught by some of our most sought-after professors. You’ll have access to the greatest range of courses by choosing from classes in one of two half-semester modules, and also will benefit from close faculty interaction in some small-enrollment classes.
  • Have the flexibility to choose from a number of classes that have been approved to establish eligibility for the New York bar exam.
  • Finish the LLM degree in time to start post-graduation opportunities at the typical time in late August/early September, whether you choose to pursue work in the private or public sector.

If you plan on completing your studies in Fall 2021, you can choose to take a limited number of law classes in Summer 2021 with no additional tuition costs. 

Other Summer Opportunities

If you want a break from your LLM studies, but don't want to take the summer off completely, you can consider other opportunities, including:

  • Advanced Certificate in Law & Business (ACLB): You can choose to complete the NYU Stern School of Business classes in Summer 2021 that count toward the ACLB. Upon finishing the LLM requirements in Fall 2021, you will graduate with the master’s degree from the Law School and the certificate from NYU Stern. You also can apply for scholarships to assist with the additional tuition costs associated with the business classes.
  • Pro Bono Work: You can engage in practice-based options to further your skills. We expect there will be a limited set of pro bono opportunities that expose students to public interest lawyering in the US on a volunteer basis, and meet the requirements for admission to the New York bar. 
  • Post-graduate Fellowships: The Law School also offers post-graduate fellowships annually in which students complete a short-term placement at an international organization or NGO and receive a grant for the associated living expenses. If you apply during the Spring 2021 semester and are selected for a fellowship that will take place over the summer months, you will still be eligible for the Law School funding even though you won’t finish the LLM degree until December.