From NYU to the New York Bar

For students who need the LLM to qualify for the New York bar exam, NYU is prepared to help. The Law School consults with the New York Court of Appeals to identify classes that meet bar eligibility requirements, and offers comprehensive advice gleaned from years of experience working with students to achieve this goal. To date, a broad range of more than 50 NYU Law classes have been approved by the Court to satisfy requirements for eligibility. Some of these classes are offered in particular academic years, but many are offered on an annual basis.

Curricular Flexibility

Choice is important—students choose NYU to pursue a curriculum that meets their own intellectual interests and professional goals. Many of the Court-approved NYU courses also count toward some of the LLM specialization requirements, so students can pursue the degree they want and also qualify for the New York bar exam.

As a bonus, NYU has an introductory class that allows students to earn 3 credits toward fulfillment of the bar eligibility requirements. By taking Introduction to US Law, which is mandatory for all foreign-trained students, and which takes place two weeks before the semester begins, students have more flexibility to follow their interests during the semester.

A Large Selection of Classes

Professional Responsibility

NYU offers multiple sections of 8 different classes that address professional responsibility. These classes are a part of comprehensive training for future litigators, government lawyers, and corporate attorneys, and satisfy the 2-credit eligibility requirement of a course in the history, goals, instruction, value, rules and responsibilities of the US legal profession.

Subjects Tested on the Bar Exam

NYU has an extensive list of over 30 different classes that have been approved to fulfill the 6-credit eligibility requirement in subjects that are tested on the New York State bar exam. The variety of these classes is of special appeal to our students, whether they wish to take basic classes in American law, such as Contracts or Corporations, or more specialized classes such as Information Privacy Law, Conflicts of Law, or a seminar on the First Amendment.


Comprehensive Advice

Crafting a personalized curriculum takes careful planning. Students will want to ensure that the classes they choose meet both NYU’s LLM degree requirements and the eligibility requirements for the New York bar exam. At the Law School, we have dedicated advising resources for LLMs so that our students can be assured of meeting New York bar eligibility requirements, while also maximizing, to the extent possible, the number of classes that meet their own intellectual and career goals.

Student Advising

Our advising begins before students arrive on campus. Students can receive advice from professors who are experts in their fields, and administrators in Graduate Affairs provide personalized counseling via email, videoconference, and telephone. Typical topics discussed with our administrators are the degree and program requirements, NY bar eligibility, and making the most of the Law School’s rich curricular and co-curricular opportunities.

Class Registration

To maximize the chance of obtaining the classes which students most want to take, administrators in Graduate Affairs offer extensive instruction on the selection procedure in place, as well as advice on how best to indicate preferences for certain classes and professors. Throughout this process, students are also encouraged to consult with faculty members in their areas of interest.

After arriving at NYU, students adjust their schedules at the start of each semester to ensure their curriculum is optimized for their goals.