From NYU to the New York Bar

Comprehensive advice. More than 70 approved classes. Pro bono opportunities.

Our experienced advisers guide foreign-educated LLM students through the process of determining their eligibility for the exam and completing the steps to bar admission in New York State for those who qualify.

A Good First Step: The Rules 

§520.6 of the Rules of the Court of Appeals for the Admission of Attorneys and Counselors at Law (22 NYCRR) governs the eligibility of foreign trained lawyers for the New York bar. 

You’ll need to ask the New York Board of Law Examiners to evaluate your foreign legal education to determine whether you can establish eligibility for the bar exam via an LLM program (also known as “the cure provision”).

What NYU Offers

Curricular Flexibility—A broad range of NYU classes count toward establishing bar exam eligibility:

  • Two of the classes take place before the fall semester begins, making it easier for you to finish the remaining credits during the academic year.
  • Many of the approved classes also count toward specialization requirements. With careful planning, you can pursue the LLM degree you want while also qualifying for the exam.
  • An array of professional responsibility classes from which to choose, including ones in specific practice areas to match your interests.

Advising—Expect our experienced administrators to offer personalized counseling by videoconference, email, or telephone before you arrive on campus: 

  • You’ll discuss whether seeking admission in New York could be helpful to your career.
  • You’ll carefully plan your curriculum to meet specialization and bar requirements. 
  • We provide the steps toward admission, both before and after the exam, to all of our enrolled students.

Pro Bono Opportunities—Long dedicated to public interest lawyering, NYU is ready to help with the 50-hour pro bono requirement:

  • You can connect with advisors after admission to learn how to document qualifying service performed anywhere up to a year before the LLM program.
  • The Public Interest Law Center will help you search for pro bono opportunities during and after the academic year.

Summer Housing—NYU LLMs who graduate in May can apply for summer housing in Law School residences:

  • You won’t need to move to New York while studying for the July bar exam.
  • You can request to stay until after the exam concludes to facilitate packing and departure.

Admission to Practice in Other Jurisdictions

If you seek qualification in another state or in multiple states, you should review the rules in the relevant jurisdiction(s).  The National Conference of Board Examiners provides some information about nearly all of the jurisdictions.  You may also find helpful the information on Disclosures about State Licensing on the Law School's website.

Qualifications for Bar Admission