Vol.30/No.1 Fall 2023

Entire Symposium  (CLR Vol 30, Issue 1, Fall 2023)

Introduction to the Symposium
          Deborah N. Archer

Race and Entrepreneurship: Reclaiming Narratives
          Priya Baskaran & Alicia Plerhoples

Advancing Racial Justice Through Civil and Criminal Academic Medical-Legal Partnerships
          Yael Zakai Cannon & Vida Johnson

Envisioning Reparative Legal Pedagogies
        Antonio M. Coronado

Critical Clinical Frames: Centering Adolescence, Race, Trauma, and Gender in Practice-based Pedagogy
        Eduardo R. Ferrer & Kristin N. Henning

Reflections on the Launch of a Racial Justice Clinic and the Bravery of Lions
        Janel A. George

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Improving Community Lawyering Through a Policy and Transactional Law Clinic Partnership
          Jennifer Li

Tech Support: Wiring Technology Law Clinics To Serve Racial Justice
          Laura Moy