Vol.26/No.1 Fall 2019

Not (Just) A Clinical Lawyer-Journal?
                Phyllis Goldfarb * Randy Hertz ** and Michael Pinard ***

A Man of “Ubuntu”:  A South African Colleague’s Tribute to Stephen Ellmann
Penelope Andrews

Beyond the Disorienting Moment
Jane H. Aiken

The Poverty of Clinical Canonic Texts
Anthony V. Alfieri

Critical Theory and Clinical Stance
Wendy A. Bach and Sameer M. Ashar

The Death of a Clinic
Warren Binford

Advancing a Broader View of Clinical Scholarship
               Richard A. Boswell

The Diversity Imperative Revisited: Racial and Gender Inclusion in Clinical Law Faculty
               CLEA Committee for Faculty Equity and Inclusion

The Clinical Law Review at 25—What Hath We Wrought?
Robert D. Dinerstein

How My Practical Immigration Experiences Impacted Clinical Immigration Law: the Colorado Experience as an Example
Cecelia M. Espenoza

The Future of Clinical Legal Scholarship
Michele Gilman

Braiding the Strands of Narrative and Critical Reflection with Critical Theory and Lawyering Practice
Carolyn Grose & Margaret E. Johnson

How Clinical Scholarship Impacted the Family Defense Clinic
Martin Guggenheim

Challenges to Legal Education, Clinical Legal Education, and Clinical Scholarship
               Reflections on Elitism after the Closing of a Clinic: Pedagogy, Justice and Scholarship

               Peter Joy 

Clinical Legal Education and the Replication of Hierarchy
Minna J. Kotkin

Clinical Scholarship and Scholarship by Clinicians
               Katherine R. Kruse

Accidental Scholar: Navigating Academia as a Clinician and Reflecting on Intergenerational Change
Binny Miller

Weaving Threads of Clinical Legal Scholarship into the First-year Curriculum:
     How the Clinical Law Movement Is Strengthening the Fabric of Legal Education
Kimberly E. O’Leary

The Emergence and Influence of Transactional Practice Within Clinical Scholarship
               Paul R. Tremblay

Strengthening the International Clinical Scholarly Community: Opportunities for the Clinical Law Review and Beyond
Leah Wortham