Vol.28/No.1 Fall 2021

Foreword: Reflecting on Our Turbulent Times
          Phyllis Goldfarb, Randy Hertz & Michael Pinard

Clinicians Reflect on Covid-19: Lesson Learned and Looking Beyond
          AALS Policy Committee & CLEA Committee for Equity and Inclusion 

Setting the Health Justice Agenda: Addressing Health Inequity & Injustice in the Post-Pandemic Clinic
          Emily A. Benfer, James Bhandary-Alexander, Yael Cannon, Medha D. Makhlouf & Tomar Pierson-Brown 

Reflections on Legal Education in the Aftermath of a Pandemic 
          Timothy Casey 

Developing a Pedagogy of Community Partnership Amidst Covid-19: Medical-Legal Partnership For Children in HAWAI'I
          Catherine Siyue Chen, Fernando P. Cosio, Deja Ostrowski, and Dina Dhek 

Freedom Pedagogy: Toward Teaching Antiracist Clinics
          Norrinda Brown Hayat

How Serving Jobless Workers During The Pandemic's Economic Recession Grounded Students: A Reflection From Michigan's Worker's Right Clinic 
          Rachel Kohl and Nancy Vettorello

Nowhere to Run to, Nowhere to Hide
          Praveen Kosuri & Lynnise Pantin 

Caring for the Souls of Our Students: The Evolution of a Community Economic Development Clinic During Turbulent Times
          Gowri J. Krishna, Kelly Pfeifer, & Dana Thompson

George Floyd and Empathy Stories
          Binny Miller

Mitchell Hamline School of Law Summer 2020 Covid-19 Legal Response Clinic
          Natalie Netzel, Ana Pottratz Acosta, Joanna Woolman, Katherine Kruse and Jonathan Geffen

Using Narrative Therapy to  Re-Author the Dominant Law Student Narrative, Foster Professional Identity Development, And Restore Hope 
          Jennifer N. Rosen Valverde