Clinical Law Review

Clinical Law Review Writers' Workshop 2022

Clinical Writers’ Workshop

October 8, 2022
at NYU School of Law

The Clinical Law Review will hold its annual Clinical Writers’ Workshop on Saturday, October 8, 2022, at NYU Law School.  If the Workshop cannot be held in person, it will go forward via Zoom.

The Clinical Law Review Writers’ Workshop provides an opportunity for clinical teachers who are writing about any subject (clinical pedagogy, substantive law, interdisciplinary analysis, empirical work, etc.) to meet with other clinicians writing on related topics to discuss their works-in-progress and brainstorm ideas for further development of their articles.  Attendees will meet in small groups organized (to the extent possible) by the subject matter in which they are writing.  Each group will “workshop” the draft of each member of the group.

Participation in the Clinical Law Review’s Workshop requires the submission of a paper because the workshop takes the form of small group sessions in which all members of the group comment on each other’s manuscripts. 

As in the previous Clinical Law Review Workshops, participants will not have to pay an admission or registration fee.  If the Workshop is held in person, participants will have to arrange and pay for their own travel and lodging.

June 15, 2022: Deadline for Registration and Prospectus

To register for the Workshop, please fill out and submit the Registration Form along with a mini-draft or prospectus, roughly 3-5 pages in length, of the article you intend to present at the Workshop

The mini-draft or prospectus of the article should contain the tentative title of the article and a short description of the main point or points contemplated by the article.

Workshop Forms and Information

Registration Form