Latinx Rights Scholarship


The Latinx Rights Scholars Program brings together current students and alumni of the Latinx Rights Scholarship at New York University School of Law. Each year, the program awards two full-tuition scholarships to incoming law students. Scholars are chosen on the basis of commitment to social justice, demonstrated leadership, academic excellence, and interest in pursuing a career in the public interest. 
Latinx Rights Scholars are passionate about social justice work that impacts Latinx communities. This work is interpreted broadly to reflect the spectrum of challenges facing these communities and the diversity of Latinidad. Our scholars and alumni pursue careers that empower both Latinx and other marginalized communities across the country. Latinx Rights Scholars and alumni approach their work intersectionally, conscious that diverse groups must work together for change.
As part of the Program, scholarship recipients receive support and mentorship from Faculty Director Alina Das, alumni, and the Public Interest Law Center at NYU Law. Additionally, Latinx Rights Program Scholars are given the opportunity to design and lead a variety of cutting-edge community forums, workshops, and conferences on social justice issues affecting the Latinx community. 
The Latinx Rights Scholars Program has helped NYU Law students pursue a range of social justice-focused careers after graduation, fighting for and effecting change in Latinx and other underrepresented communities. Recipients of the Latinx Rights Scholarship are working at the local and national levels in civil liberties, public defense, immigrants’ rights, housing/tenants’ rights, labor/workers’ rights, politics, and more. Visit our Scholars and Alumni page for further information about the Program’s current students and alumni. 
The depth of our Scholars’ commitment to public service is evidenced by the fact that all of our alumni continue to work in public interest jobs.  

The Latinx Rights Scholarship is awarded to students who plan to pursue careers in public interest law. Scholars are selected in a competitive process based on demonstrated commitment to public service, academic achievement, and leadership ability. Scholars must spend two summers at a public interest organization and at least two years post-graduation (or at the completion of a judicial clerkship) in public interest work. Scholarship recipients should work at organizations that meet the legal needs of the Latinx community and other marginalized groups. Scholars will receive assistance in finding organizations that meet the parameters of this agreement. If a recipient fails to honor this postgraduate commitment, he or she must repay the scholarship.

Individuals of any race, ethnicity, gender identity, disability status, and sexual orientation are encouraged to apply.