Our Supporters

We would like to extend our tremendous thanks to Roger Meltzer ’77, Robin Meltzer, and DLA Piper for their dedicated support and investment in the center since its inception in 2016.

We are also incredibly grateful to our Principal Donors for their significant leadership gifts to support the center’s re-naming, as well as to our Founding Donors for their generous contributions. Your support will help advance the Meltzer Center’s work in diversity, inclusion, and belonging for many years to come.

Principal Donors

Joe and Yolandra Alexander

Richard and Renee Barasch

William J. Borner and Kim Koopersmith

Aryeh Bourkoff and Elana Bourkoff

Mr. Robert Keith Bratt

James M. Brogan, Esq. and Doris D. Brogan, Esq.

Loren Brown and Moran-Eizenberger Brown

Sidney Burke ’02 and Kristen Burke

Fabio P. Campos Mello LLM ’02 and Paula Canavarro Campos Mello

Richard A. Chesley, Esq. and Dee Dee Chesley

Jesse A. Criz, Esq. and Allison Criz

John T. Cusack, Esq. and Elizabeth Cusack


DLA Piper Martinez Beltran

Matthew Seldin Dontzin ’83

John J. Gilluly, III, Esq. and Debra Treppard Gilluly

Richard G. Greenstein, Esq.

Linda and William Haugland

Mitchell E. Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Heyer

Jamie Knox, Esq. and Celena Knox

Caryn and Lowell Kraff 

Alvin and Cheryl Krongard

Stuart, Stephanie, Andrew, Matthew & William Liner


Donald Meltzer ’84 and Shelley Burtt Meltzer

Mr. Jonathan M. Meltzer and Amy Tucker Meltzer

Justin Meltzer, Lizzie and Paul Fine, and Martin Meltzer

Bill and Sara Miller

Morgan Stanley Services Group, Inc.


Steven D. Pidgeon, Esq.

Mr. Robert Pruzan and Mrs. Tracey Pruzan

Richard J. Reilly, Jr., Esq.

Philip Rogers LLM ’91

Eric M. Roth '77 and Laurie B. Roth

Frank W. Ryan, Esq. and Melissa Ryan

Scott David Schwartz

Robert A. Seidel, Q.C.

Ms. Claire Simier and Gregg Galardi, Esq.

Thomson Reuters

Cathy Siegel Weiss and Ken Weiss

John R. Wellschlager, Esq.

Winston & Strawn

Barbara and David Zalaznick

Peter and Qing Ye Zeughauser


Founding Donors

Anonymous (2)

Angela C. Agrusa, Esq.

Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo J. Gallastegui Armella

Mr. Michael Barasch

Randi Bernstein

Marcus Bitencourt, Esq.

Peter and Linda Bynoe

Francisco Javier Cerezo, Esq.

Senator Saxby Chambliss and Julianne Chambliss

Mr. Adam Checchi

Margaret Civetta ’93

DLA Piper Chile

Citi Private Bank

Debra and Scott Edelman

Marcelo Etchebarne, Esq.

Ricardo Enrique Escobar, Esq.

Jeffrey and Karen Fine

Joseph G. Finnerty III, Esq.

Brian S. Gerson and Tracie F. Golding

Christopher Giordano, Esq.

David J. Greenwald, Esq.

Eric Grossman, Esq. and the Grossman Family

Joseph D. Guarino, Esq.

Dr. Lisa Haile, Esq. 

John Hamill, Esq.

John M. Hillebrecht, Esq.

Mel M. Immergut, Esq. and Barbara Lyne Immergut

Brett Ingerman, Esq. and Melissa Ingerman

Brian Kaplan, Esq.

Angelina and Joshua Kaye

Borah and Sang Kim LLM Tax ’96

Jonathan Klein and Jill Graham

Jeffrey Lehrer, Esq.

Andrew J. Levander, Esq. and Carol A. Loewenson

Harriet Lipkin, Esq.

Jeremy Lustman, Esq.

Mrs. Tiffany Lyons and Scott Lyons

Aidan M. McCormack, Esq. 

George and Heather Mitchell

Morgan Lewis

Mr. Ilan Mosery

E-Dee & Michael P. Murphy

Henry N. Nassau, Esq.

Jerry B. Neuman, Esq.

Christopher Paci and Sally Rocker

Peter S. Pantaleo, Esq. and Beryl Pantaleo

John Papachristos, Esq. and Maria Z. Papachristos

Secretary William Cohen and Janet Langhart Cohen

Gerald Rokoff, Esq.

Matthew R. Schwartz, Esq.

Berge Setrakian, Esq. and Vera Setrakian

Joseph Silver, Esq.

Gregory Smith, Esq.

David and Nancy Solomon

R. Thomas Stanton, Esq.,

John and Cathy Sullivan

Joseph A. Tato '79 and Eda F. Tato

Alexander Y. Thomas, Esq.

Bob Tyrer and Heather Tyrer


Other Supporters

We also gratefully acknowledge Charter Communications for its generous support of the Meltzer Center’s work

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