For Organizations

The Meltzer Center offers cutting-edge diversity and inclusion programs for organizations and has worked with some of the most prominent institutions in their respective fields, from Fortune 500 companies to global professional services firms to leading non-profits.

Live Programs

We teach inclusive leadership skills to people ranging from c-suite executives to entry-level employees focused on the following concepts:

Allyship: Based on the book Say the Right Thing: How to Talk about Identity, Diversity, and Justice, coauthored by center leaders Kenji Yoshino and David Glasgow, our allyship programs explore how individuals can leverage their advantages in support of people who lack those advantages.

Authenticity: Based on Kenji Yoshino’s book Covering and the “Uncovering Talent” framework developed by Professor Yoshino and Deloitte, our programs explore how individuals and organizations can build cultures that nurture authenticity and reduce demands to downplay outsider identities to blend into the mainstream.

Digital Programs

Supported by a digital content producer and a Broadway director, the Meltzer Center has built scalable digital education for a number of global organizations.

Our programs bring content on allyship and authenticity to life using multi-camera “TED-style” digital talks, customized acted scenarios, and facilitator guides allowing learners to host small-group discussions based on the program content.

Industry-Wide Reform

As scholars who work at the intersection of law and diversity and inclusion, we have unique skills in facilitating industry-wide discussions and memorializing commitments to change. We worked with Black Theatre United to facilitate its industry-wide summit and draft its “New Deal for Broadway.”

To inquire about our programs, please contact the Meltzer Center's executive director, David Glasgow: