The Philosophy of Choosing Courses and Directions

Before even beginning to choose courses, we suggest you think about the endeavor from a broad perspective. This process is not simply about deciding what classes to take; it is about preparing yourself for a life in the law. You are not just filling a schedule; you are managing your career. In that regard, we have three important tips:

  • You are lucky to be at one of the top educational institutions in the country, with a remarkable faculty. Plan your next year or years here in a way that makes the most of what is available to you.
  • Life is unpredictable. Some of you will have a clear direction in mind; others will still be uncertain what it is you will do when you graduate. The more direction you have, the easier it is to follow the advice you will find on these pages. But remember that “stuff happens.” Surprising and unexpected opportunities will open up; you may discover you do not enjoy the work you always though you’d do; areas that interest you may prove overly competitive or may simply dry up. Consider always what it means to be a well-rounded lawyer prepared to take advantage of opportunities as they appear.
  • Arrange for mentoring and references! Much of professional success involves having people willing to go to bat for you. We have an entry on this site about how to go about developing mentoring and referee relationships. Read this and think about it as you plan your next two years here. This part of your career takes work, but the time you invest will be well spent.