Broad tips on course selection in the third year

The third year should be the best year of law school, yet students often do not take proper advantage of it. Instead they take things they think are "required" for the bar, or are distracted by jobs, journals or other matters. This is a mistake, the third year is your chance to make the most of learning, round yourself out, have some great experiences.

Here are some tips for the third year:

  • Take a course in something that interests you, even if you think you will never use it.
  • Take that professor you heard is so great, no matter what she teaches.
  • Follow up in your area of interest by taking a colloquium, a great way to challenge yourself and get good exposure to a professor (as well as other professors’ work).
  • Take advanced courses in the areas in which you want to specialize.
  • Take a clinic or a simulation or problem-oriented course.
  • Think about your mentoring relationships. Take a professor who knows you one more time. Or be an RA or TA.
  • Write another paper. One can never get too much writing experience.