JD Law Abroad and Exchange

NYU Law Abroad

Program Update

The application for Spring 2025 NYU Law Abroad in Buenos Aires and Paris will run from Monday, January 22 to Wednesday, February 7, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. ET. JD students in the classes of 2025 and 2026 are encouraged to apply. To apply, and to see more information about each program, please visit our Application and Enrollment page. 

NYU Law Abroad has been specifically designed in Buenos Aires and Paris to provide NYU Law students substantial exposure to the local legal system and distinct regional issues, and the curriculum has been developed in close collaboration with local faculty and partner schools. In addition to traditional courses and seminars, each site offers a transactional course designed to give students direct exposure to the legal aspects of doing business in the relevant region. Clinics provide opportunities to participate in local policy debates, and the classroom experience is complemented by study tours in the region and opportunities for language training.

This initiative was developed in 2013 after discussions and outreach with faculty, students, alumni, practitioners, business firms, and legal educators in the US and abroad. In 2022, we will send our eighth cohort of students abroad.

Each site accommodates between 16 and 25 NYU Law students for the Spring semester. Facilities, language training and student services at each site are provided by NYU's international academic centers. Additionally, students at an NYU abroad site have full access to all NYU electronic databases, including online library catalogs. Students may also have access to local law libraries through the partner institutions. Academic guidance is provided by site directors located on-site, as well as faculty site directors based in New York.

NYU Law in Latin America: Buenos Aires

The program at this site provides students with exposure to Latin American legal systems. All courses are in taught in English and students have the opportunity to take select law courses in Spanish offered by our local partner, the University of Buenos Aires Faculty of Law. Additional opportunities for intensive language training are available.

NYU Law in Europe: Paris

The program at this site provides students with exposure to the European legal system. All courses are taught in English and additional opportunities for intensive language training are available.

Coursework and Credits

Students are expected to register and complete a full course load while studying abroad. Minimum and maximum credits allowed by NYU will apply. Students will be allowed to register for courses after they have been nominated by the Office of Global Programs and have accepted their nomination.

Credits will be calculated the same way they are in NYU, according to the ABA regulations. Each credit will be worth 700 minutes of instruction, exclusive of class breaks or final exams. Courses and seminars may evaluate students by papers, class presentations, class participation and final exams. Clinics will be evaluated by the students’ work in research, papers, fieldwork, and class presentations of fieldwork.